Thursday 31 May 2007

3G -> 3.9G

There seems to be confusion when people discuss terms like 3.5G, 3.75G so i decided to define them. I am sure people who have objections will comment.
Lets first start with 2G systems:
2G = GSM
2.5G = GPRS
2.75G = EDGE
Then moving onto 3G systems:
3G = WCDMA, R99 (i am not looking at other technologies but similar mapping will apply)
3.5G = HSDPA
3.75G = HSUPA
3.8G = HSPA+ (HSPA Enhancements)
3.85G = 'HSPA+' + MIMO
3.9G = LTE


Senthil said...

May be as the technology evolves
and at convergence,
4G might include
WiMAX,LTE and a host
of other services..

Anonymous said...

I'm interested when you wrote
4G = not Wi-Max, any reason behind that?

Anonymous said...

4G is defined by ITU-T as IMT-Advanced and e.g. LTE-Advanced will be compliant to that definition.

Muter said...
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