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Monday, 4 January 2021

Top Videos on 3G4G YouTube Channel

We made quite a few videos last year for our YouTube channel. In fact we crossed over 10K subscribers last year. Here are couple of playlists, one for the Top 5 videos of 2020 and other is Top 10 videos of all time. Hopefully you like them and subscribe to our channel

Top 5 3G4G videos from 2020

Top 10 3G4G videos from all time

 Let us know which ones are your favourite.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Top 10 Posts for 2020 and Top 5 Videos

Here are the posts, from most popular to the tenth most popular, in descending order of popularity 

1. 5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), May 2020

2. EPS Fallback in 5G Standalone Deployments, Feb 2020

3. How MOCN RAN-Sharing Works, Jan 2020

4. Prof. Andy Sutton: Backhauling the 5G Experience, Jan 2020

5. Key Technology Aspects of 5G Security by Rohde & Schwarz, July 2020

6. Positioning Techniques for 5G NR in 3GPP Release-16, Oct 2020

7. 5G Private and Non-Public Network (NPN), March 2020

8. A Look into 5G Virtual/Open RAN - Part 1, March 2020

9. Interfacing HSS and UDM in 5GS with UDICOM (a.k.a NU1 / Nhss), Sep 2020

10. NTT Docomo's Vision on 5G Evolution and 6G, Jan 2020

There was another post, in the top 5 but I have listed it below. It was an announcement about the Free 5G Training site we launched early this year.

Bonus post*: Free 5G Training, Jan 2020

In addition to the above, we have a very popular and active YouTube channel, here are the top 5 videos that we posted in 2020. 

1. Advanced: Private Networks & 5G Non-Public Networks

2. Intermediate: Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Introduction

3. Beginners: UICC & SIM

4. Part 6: Standalone and Non-Standalone 5G - 5G for Absolute Beginners

5. Beginners: Industry 4.0 & 5G

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Monday, 23 December 2019

Top 10 posts for 2019

As one would guess, 2019 was dominated by 5G and so was this blog. Surprisingly the most popular post was on Open RAN. Most likely because many people did not understand what the term meant.

People still continue to ask us when we will be changing the 3G4G name. We will change it when 3GPP (whose name is derived from 3G) and/or GSMA (whose name is derived from 2G/GSM) change their name. In short, never!

Here are the posts, from most popular to the tenth most popular, in descending order of popularity

1. A quick tutorial on Open RAN, vRAN & White Box RAN - Feb 2019

2. Displaying 5G Network Status Icon on Smartphones and Other Devices - Feb 2019

3. Prof. Andy Sutton: 5G Radio Access Network Architecture Evolution - Jan 2019

4. Theoretical Throughput Calculation of FDD 5G New Radio (NR) - Feb 2019

5. New 3GPP Release-17 Study Item on NR-Lite (a.k.a. NR-Light) - Aug 2019

6. Slides and Videos from the 1st 6G Wireless Summit - Apr 2019

7. Examples of 5G Use Cases & Applications - May 2019

8. Updated 5G Terminology Presentation - Mar 2019

9. 3GPP 5G Standardization Update post RAN#84 - July 2019

10. Exploiting Possible 5G Vulnerabilities - Oct 2019

Finally, a post from 2018 that continued to perform brilliantly this year

11. 5G Network Architecture Options (Updated) - Oct 2018

If you had a favorite post, let us know which one.

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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Top 10 posts for 2017 and some other 3G4G info

Here are the top 10 3G4G blog posts (in descending order of popularity) for 2017:

  1. 5G Network Architecture and Design Update - Jan 2017
  2. 5G: Architecture, QoS, gNB, Specifications - April 2017 Update
  3. Self-backhauling: Integrated access and backhaul links for 5G
  4. 5G Core Network, System Architecture & Registration Procedure
  5. High Power / Performance User Equipment (#HPUE)
  6. IMT-2020 (5G) Requirements
  7. 5G – Beyond the Hype
  8. Variety of 3GPP IoT technologies and Market Status - May 2017
  9. 2G / 3G Switch Off: A Tale of Two Worlds
  10. 5G Research Presentation on URLLC
As you can see, 7/10 were on 5G which is probably not a surprise 😉.

In other news, this year I have done a lot more activities on 3G4G sites (thanks to support and encouragement from my current employer, Parallel Wireless). You can see links to all different 3G4G channels on top of the blog. I was also interviewed by TechPlayon and TechTrained (the similarity of name is just a coincidence). I was also named a key 5G influencer for 2017.

Back in 2011, I wrote the 1000th post and asked for your feedback. Here again, I would like to ask for your feedback, either on this post or on any posts. There are check-boxes for you to give instant feedback or you can add your comments in any of the posts.

I also mentioned in 2011 that the 3G4G blog will be touching 1.5 million page view mark, now in 2017 (10 years after the start of this blog), we have crossed over 9.5 million official page views (page views for first 3 years were not counted). Here is a snapshot of the stats for this and the small cells blog.

This has all been possible because of contributions from many individuals who share their presentations, knowledge and support my activities in many different ways. Thank you!

Finally, I can make mistakes too so please feel free to correct me anytime you spot me saying something wrong. I don't mind 😊

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Macrocells, Small Cells & Hetnets Tutorial

I blogged about it on the Small Cells blog but cross posting here, just in case you missed it. I am making some videos sharing basic information about mobile technology. Its on YouTube here.

Recently I made some videos looking at all kinds of cellular infrastructure; playlist is embedded below. If you need slides, get it from 3G4G slideshare channel here.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

1000th Blog post and I want your feedback

I started the 3G4G website 7 years back and in the next few years realised that maintaining website is very time consuming job. As a result I started the blog on the 3G4G website. Its been nearly 4 years since I started blogging. Initially I blogged on the 3G4G website and then moved to blogger. Over the time, the blog has become ever so popular and I regularly keep getting between 40,000 and 50,000 page views per month. In the next few months, I will touch the 1.5 million page views mark.

All this sounds great but I have not seen enough feedback and/or comments from you the readers. Some months back I added the feedback box at the bottom of the posts that you can use to provide me a quick feedback indicating if you found this post useful or not useful and if you would like more like these but I hardly get more than 1 or 2 feedbacks every post. The only one where I got some decent feedback was on the Dilbert post here. In the blog stats that was added last year by blogger, I can see that some of the posts even get good amount of views but not enough feedback. For example LTE-A UE categories has over 7000 views but just 3 very useful feedback. Another one on comparison of HSPA+ and LTE has over 4000 views since last May but the feedback is still not enough.

Over the last few years, a lot of my posts are being copied by others in entirety. Some of these blogs give credit to me but do not link my blog. Some of them do not even give me credit or link to the blog. In fact to stop some of these things, I started putting 'via' in the images and then I realised that some of these blogs, remove this and put the pictures up. Take for instance this post from TelecomDE, this blog post is copied from my blog post here. I created the picture from a presentation and that was from Huawei, so I added the Huawei logo in the picture. As you can see the Huawei picture is there but the 'via' has been removed. There are many instances of such things and I would like to thank some of my blog readers who point me out these things.

With my schedule being already extremely busy, I sometimes spend early mornings or late night, creating new blog posts with the things that are happening or about to happen in the wireless/telecom world. I think my blog covers some unique topics and I always add some useful pictures and images as it is said that 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. I would like to receive feedback from you, dear reader, on if you find this blog useful, how do you find it useful, what things you like most, what things you like least, how do you propose to change it for better.

I do get lots of personal mails from people saying how useful the blog and the website have been for them for Job hunting, etc. So If you found the Blog or the Website useful and you are a Linkedin user, can you please recommend the 3G4G website on Linkedin for me.

I will be deciding in the next few weeks, If I continue blogging and your feedback certainly will help. In the meantime, you can always follow me on Twitter where I am always on lookout for the latest in the field of wireless telecoms.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The silent heroes of the wireless world

Often you will hear about some famous people from certain organisations who speak at conferences and meetings but there are often in the background many people who labour to ensure that reports, documents, presentations and technology are completed without problems.

Last Friday, I met up with some old colleagues who are these silent movers and shakers in our mobile industry. Often behind multiple monitors and pile of documents, these people work on the cutting edge future technologies. It was nice to know that they do read and refer to my blog from time to time and find it useful.

I should also like to mention the people who often mail me to thank me for the blog and the 3g4g website. I do quite often bump into people who know me for my work but dont know me personally. Sometimes they do get a bit surprised because my HQ (humour quotient) is very high. I have a jokelist active since 1999 and even though I dont get enough time to post jokes I do make it a point to keep it alive.

I am fortunate enough to learn a lot from such people, as knowledge is limitless and there is always something everyone can contribute as they may know it much better than others.

So please feel free to say hello to me when you come across me in any conference, presentation, party or even interviews. Its always good to know people.

Monday, 11 October 2010

LTE Video Tutorials on 3g4g

I have added some Video Tutorials on the 3G4G website here. Please scroll to the Video Tutorials section at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively check out Free 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G Training Videos here.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

On Twitter!

I am finally on twitter @zahidtg

There are so many news, etc which are worth sharing but don't deserve a separate post so I am going to tweet them.

You are most welcome to follow me on twitter or alternatively a widget displaying the latest tweets are on the left hand side of this blog. Please feel free to check them out and feel free to share your feedback or opinions.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

3G4G Stats

I have been asked very often about the stats of 3G4G website and 3G4G blog. So here are some details:

  • At the peak (Oct.), the combined page views for both of them reached around 100,000
  • In the quietest month (Dec.), the combined page views were around 75,000
  • The 3G4G blog has page views from 22,000 (Dec) to 35,000 (Oct).
  • The popular pages of the Website are FAQ, LTE and LTE-Advanced.
  • The popular pages of the blog are HSPA+ vs LTE, OFDM/OFDMA Difference and F-DPCH.
Glad to see that people are finding both these sources useful. Please feel free to let me know your suggestions and opinions

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Monday, 12 October 2009

LTE Stuff

Just added some new material on LTE at 3G4G website. Check the LTE section here. Also started collection FAQ's. See here.

As always, comments, criticisms, suggestions and feedback welcome :)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Innovate now or loose market share

Is it wise to invest in this current economic climate was one of the most intriguing question that was flagged up very often in the past one year.

In a recently concluded Cambridge Wireless international event the above topic was discussed at length. Most of the speakers in the event recommended that now is the right time to invest but innovation is the key behind any success rather than investment alone.

There has never been an urgency like today to innovate in order to get out of the current recession and hence build the success for the future. A sensible investment backed with the right focus and indefatigable innovative ideas will no doubt lead us on the road to success and build the next generation wireless world.

Richard Traherne , Director of Cambridge Consultants’ Wireless Division advised delegates at Cambridge Wireless International Conference to innovate now, or lose market share. While speaking to an audience of international business leaders in the wireless communications industry at the Cambridge Wireless International Conference, Richard Traherne said the following:
“To survive in a market like this, it is not enough to stand still. It is critical to have the confidence to be innovative, by which we mean making business out of creativity.”

Key innovation now will certainly help businesses buck the trend in a recession and gain market share. Mr Traherne continued, “Key to this endeavour is to recognise that customers’ needs change in a downturn and so it’s critical to re-calibrate to ensure that they get what they now need, when they need it. There are plenty of examples of companies that grew out of past recessions: Virgin, Apple, Google, to name but three. We are dealing with companies that are being far bolder in the current recession than they would have been in the past, investing hard in technology despite making cuts elsewhere, to ensure that they grow market share and exit the downturn with competitive advantage.”

Most of the business delegates at the event shared the insights into innovative strategies, gained from nearly 50 years in the business of developing breakthrough technology-based products for clients in the medical technology, consumer, transport, cleantech and wireless industries.

To beat the current recession one of the obvious approaches suggested during the event was to reducing product cost but at the same time insisting on other more technologically innovative opportunities. It is very important that the idea regarding the product to enter the market is clear and well defined focus is a must together with the innovation and creativity. The picture below shows one such process as an example:
A company could, for example, seek to achieve premium price positioning by adding new functionality, or it could introduce a novel new service strategy to carve out market share. Another option is to develop an eco-system of partners in different markets to scale business and share risk.

What we are seeing a lot of today, and what is equally recommend even in a growth market, is the selective re-deployment of existing technology in new product applications. The mobile phone manufacturers are a shining example of this, and continue to be so.

The two day conference on 30 April and 1 May 2009, entitled ‘The Future of Wireless’, was conceived to provide a strategic vision of how mobile and wireless markets will develop over the next five years, looking at what technology is likely to deliver, balanced against customer expectations and real-world economic factors.