Thursday 10 March 2011

1000th Blog post and I want your feedback

I started the 3G4G website 7 years back and in the next few years realised that maintaining website is very time consuming job. As a result I started the blog on the 3G4G website. Its been nearly 4 years since I started blogging. Initially I blogged on the 3G4G website and then moved to blogger. Over the time, the blog has become ever so popular and I regularly keep getting between 40,000 and 50,000 page views per month. In the next few months, I will touch the 1.5 million page views mark.

All this sounds great but I have not seen enough feedback and/or comments from you the readers. Some months back I added the feedback box at the bottom of the posts that you can use to provide me a quick feedback indicating if you found this post useful or not useful and if you would like more like these but I hardly get more than 1 or 2 feedbacks every post. The only one where I got some decent feedback was on the Dilbert post here. In the blog stats that was added last year by blogger, I can see that some of the posts even get good amount of views but not enough feedback. For example LTE-A UE categories has over 7000 views but just 3 very useful feedback. Another one on comparison of HSPA+ and LTE has over 4000 views since last May but the feedback is still not enough.

Over the last few years, a lot of my posts are being copied by others in entirety. Some of these blogs give credit to me but do not link my blog. Some of them do not even give me credit or link to the blog. In fact to stop some of these things, I started putting 'via' in the images and then I realised that some of these blogs, remove this and put the pictures up. Take for instance this post from TelecomDE, this blog post is copied from my blog post here. I created the picture from a presentation and that was from Huawei, so I added the Huawei logo in the picture. As you can see the Huawei picture is there but the 'via' has been removed. There are many instances of such things and I would like to thank some of my blog readers who point me out these things.

With my schedule being already extremely busy, I sometimes spend early mornings or late night, creating new blog posts with the things that are happening or about to happen in the wireless/telecom world. I think my blog covers some unique topics and I always add some useful pictures and images as it is said that 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. I would like to receive feedback from you, dear reader, on if you find this blog useful, how do you find it useful, what things you like most, what things you like least, how do you propose to change it for better.

I do get lots of personal mails from people saying how useful the blog and the website have been for them for Job hunting, etc. So If you found the Blog or the Website useful and you are a Linkedin user, can you please recommend the 3G4G website on Linkedin for me.

I will be deciding in the next few weeks, If I continue blogging and your feedback certainly will help. In the meantime, you can always follow me on Twitter where I am always on lookout for the latest in the field of wireless telecoms.


Angel said...

Hi, I find the blog very useful and the information is also unique. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahid,

keep up the excellent work. It's an exellent blog with a lot of interesting stuff. It's one of the first things to read in the mornings!

sujesh said...

Zahid , I find some of your blogs really interesting and I can see that you put lot of effort behind it . One suggestion I have is that , the link for posting the comment is not easily noticeable ( at least for me !) in your blogs. Probably you can keep it both on top / bottom of the page with a different font & size , so that more people will post comments.

Jane said...

PLEASE don't quit blogging! I check this site several times a day! You have such wonderful resources and your detailed explanations are the BEST! Almost everything I know about LTE comes from you! This is one of the greatest resources on the Internet---I'm sorry people steal from you, but if they do it's because they know just how good your information is!

I love this site! Please keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Another site stealing your blogs is but I discovered your blog because of this site. I am new so I will look and let you know later what needs to be done better.

Anonymous said...

The blog is very informative, please don't stop :)

It is hard to comment on some technical stuff, if you don't know anything about it. I recognize that '0 comments' is a kind of vicious circle and when moderation is on, it does not enable real-time conversation and people lose interest? (don't know.)

How about you would put '' as a watermark over the picture as that cannot be easily removed unlike when it's under the picture.

James Barnes said...

Please don't quit blogging, you have created a superb resource here and it would be a shame to lose it.

Though this is my first comment, you have been in my Reader for a number of years.

Your post is a timely reminder that we should occasionally chip in and let those blogs that we value know how much we value them.

Please continue your excellent work.

Jean-Marc said...

I work for a large mobile operator and I find your research much better than what I get in-house... You always manage to dig-up the good stuff and there are article I like personally on a weekly basis at least... So thanks and keep it up - I'm pretty sure you have a solid audience of telecommunications professionals !

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahid,
Please don't quit blogging. Your posting 's really awesome.I've got lots of information from your blog!
Thanks and cheer up!

Adhip said...

This is a blog which i read first thing in the morning and has been one of the best blogs about the latest happenings, technology in the telecommunication industry. Please do not quit blogging.

A lot of lives depend on you..!!

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. In fact, it is the blog I come at least once a week to update my knowledge. Your work is the excellent work, and I'd like you to continue.

Anonymous said...

Zahid, as an ex-blogger I may be able to suggect you some things.

1. Sometimes we feel like we should keep on providing more and more info and blogs - we dont have to

2. Blogs should be for self rather than others. If others enjoy and find it useful thats a bonus.

3. I really like your ideas of pictures. This makes your blog stand out and different from others.

4. You provide much more information than people can digest, so reduce the frequency of posts.

5. Ocassionally prduce small posts with some very useful info.

6. Dont worry about the feedback. A person who is well known like you shouldnt have to worry about the feedback.

7. If you are too busy and dont have time, 1 post a week is still good for all of us.

Hope you continue blogging!!!


Unknown said...

Zahid, Love the blog, 3G4G is one of my favorite RSS feeds. Sorry, I rarely comment but enjoy the content you provide!

Please continue!

Unknown said...

Hi, I find the blog very useful as well. I hope to see you continue blogging in the future but I do understand the obstacles you must be facing.

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Thanks everyone for your valuable comments.

I will continue blogging, after a small break.

Sujesh, I have updated the comments link based on your feedback.

MH, I take your suggestion onboard and will limit my posts which would save me time and effort.

Thanks again, everyone for the feedback and encouragement and also to those who connected and provided comments via Linkedin.

Santosh Dornal said...

Zahid, this is a trademark blog. Please do continue posting.

Best Wishes,

立夏 said...

when I just began my learning on LTE, this blog helped me so much. Even though I can't understanding details, I feel cool, interesting.

but as others had said, it's difficult to comment on a technology post. If I have some questions, I prefer to Google...

and I don't think a link marked with "Post a Comment" is convenience. maybe an comment input box will be better

anyway, thanks for your excellent job~

Anonymous said...

I have spent man hours on this blog and find it one of the most relevant blogs in the blogasphere. Please keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

This is the of the very few(2-3) 3G/4G blogs that I read on a weekly basis. Please keep up the good work. I rarely comment on items here as I am not a wireless professional(I'm a Cisco route/switch guy) so therefor rarely have anything technically useful to add.

The only negative thing I could say would that links to presentation files on some file hosting site would be great as the slideshare interface is truly horrible and a royal pain to use. Slideshare is a HUGE discouragement against reading a lot of the powerpoints.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that I have increasingly come to view this site not as a blog, but really as a compendium of detailed, technical background material -- a kind of a one-man wikipedia on wireless technology.

It would be a real pity if this site would disappear.

When it comes to people shamelessly plagiarizing your posts: have you looked into legal recourse?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahid,

This is one of the telecom blogs I regularly read. I have found it very useful.

Please continue blogging...


Harish Vadada said...

This is one blog that provides me my daily wireless reading content. Some of my own nascent thoughts and blog posts are inspired from Zahid's posts. Zahid your blogging has inspired me a lot to go above and beyond to reach out to people who are looking to learn about wireless broadband. Keep up the good work .. you rock !

Zahid Ghadialy said...

>>Anonymous (14 March 2011 17:23) said "slideshare interface is truly horrible and a royal pain to use. Slideshare is a HUGE discouragement against reading a lot of the powerpoints."

ZG: Of the different sites that allow Powerpoints to be embedded, I find slideshare to be the best. I know it could be a pain but if you go to the presentation on Slideshare, I generally put where you can download this presentation from.

>> Anonymous (15 March 2011 18:08) said "a kind of a one-man wikipedia on wireless technology...When it comes to people shamelessly plagiarizing your posts: have you looked into legal recourse?"

ZG: Thanks for these very kind words. I have no problem in people copying from each other as long as they link to the original post or give credits. This help the original website to grow and web to grow. Also honestly, going the legal way dont help anyone except for the lawyers ;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is in my favorites list. I check in every few days.

Anonymous said...

Zahid, I too would like to confirm how precious all the information you provide on this blog is.

In fact, it's my number one resource (checking daily via RSS) when it comes to wireless knowledge - there's just no other site out there with similar significant content.

That being said, it already helped me a lot during studies and even for preparation for a job interview...

So thanks - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahid,

You run a very useful and successful blog for all parties interested in 3G and 4G wireless technologies. You always manage to find the most useful information and write it into a format that easy to read and most importantly easy to understand.

Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged by others who take your work for granted. End of the day, people go to the source for good information, not the second hand website.

Anonymous said...

If the comments were visible in a sidebar location like the recent tweets and Live Activity, you would probably draw more folks into providing feedback. Your blog is extremely helpful, so I wanted to let you know I appreciate your work on it.

Anonymous said...

hi, i have been following for past couple of months and its fab.
you are doing a great job

Sam Churchill said...

Hi Zahid:

Thank you!

You have created a unique and truly useful resource.

I don't know of anyplace that provides such an interesting collection of in-depth technical articles on cellular. I find it extremely helpful and use it all the time.

Your generosity has helped many. Congratulations on your excellent work!

rozovs said...

You've created an incredible and credible resource for everything new on the 3g4g domain.
Please keep up this excellent job for us to enjoy and learn.

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