Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Prof. Andy Sutton: 5G Radio Access Network Architecture Evolution - Jan 2019

Prof. Andy Sutton delivered his annual IET talk last month which was held the 6th Annual 5G conference. You can watch the videos for that event here (not all have been uploaded at the time of writing this post). His talks have always been very popular on this blog with the last year talk being 2nd most popular while the one in 2017 was the most popular one. Thanks also to IET for hosting this annual event and IET Tv for making this videos available for free.

The slides and video is embedded below but for new starters, before jumping to this, you may want to check out about 5G Network Architecture options in our tutorial here.

As always, this is full of useful information with insight into how BT/EE is thinking about deploying 5G in UK.

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Anonymous said...

OMG :( the above video consumed 800 MB for 18 minutes/50% of the video streaming, watched from Laptop with full screen (I have even checked there is any windows update in the background, nothing is happening like that). Zahid you have to really check what is the problem with IET website.

Zahid Ghadialy said...

A 720p HD video is 15 MB/minute and 1080p HD movie is about 34 MB/minute. The video is just over 36 minutes so depending on the quality, between 540 MB and 1224 MB. 18 minutes of 1080p would be 612 MB. Does that sound okay?