Sunday 5 January 2020

Free 5G Training

Many readers of this blog would be aware that I run 5G 'An Advanced Introduction to 5G Technology' training course for Cambridge Wireless at regular intervals. The next one is on 10th March 2020, in Cambridge. In fact I am also running a 'Introduction to Private 4G & 5G Networks' workshop on 4th Feb 2020 in London.

Many people ask me if they I have an online course available. While I haven't, I have quite a few videos on 3G4G YouTube channel and also have a 3G4G training page. People (mainly students or newbies) still ask me what sequence of videos they should go through, etc. So to make everyone's life simple, I created 2 YouTube playlists. Both are embedded below for ease.

Part 1. This is for people who know basic telecommunications theory and don't know much about mobile technology in general

Part 2. This is for people who understand 2G/3G/4G basics and want to learn about 5G.

I will add/remove/update videos when we add new videos on our channel. Feel free to skip videos if you already know a topic. There is quite a lot of other information on the 3G4G YouTube channel if you want to explore more

Where do you go after you have watched these videos? Go to the 3GPP homepage and start looking at specifications, news, etc. You can also start looking at the specifications on 3G4G page here.

Hopefully this is a good starting point.



Kp said...

Nice and useful video, Zahid!
Thank you!

PatrĂ­cio Teixeira said...


Before giving my opinion I want to thank you for this very educational and very interesting post.

The reality is that there is still a lot of fear about the possible side effects caused to humans regarding to 5G frequencies. Social media also has the power to negatively manipulate people's minds. I believe that they will not release something to the public that has not been properly tested and approved by FCC's safety standards.

Despite all this controversy in relation to 5G, the truth is that the country or company that has first access to 5G technology will be the first to develop technology capable of supporting super fast broadband speed. After that, all the BIG "sharks" will follow the same path.

Technology is the future and is currently present in the social life of most people!