Sunday 12 December 2010

The silent heroes of the wireless world

Often you will hear about some famous people from certain organisations who speak at conferences and meetings but there are often in the background many people who labour to ensure that reports, documents, presentations and technology are completed without problems.

Last Friday, I met up with some old colleagues who are these silent movers and shakers in our mobile industry. Often behind multiple monitors and pile of documents, these people work on the cutting edge future technologies. It was nice to know that they do read and refer to my blog from time to time and find it useful.

I should also like to mention the people who often mail me to thank me for the blog and the 3g4g website. I do quite often bump into people who know me for my work but dont know me personally. Sometimes they do get a bit surprised because my HQ (humour quotient) is very high. I have a jokelist active since 1999 and even though I dont get enough time to post jokes I do make it a point to keep it alive.

I am fortunate enough to learn a lot from such people, as knowledge is limitless and there is always something everyone can contribute as they may know it much better than others.

So please feel free to say hello to me when you come across me in any conference, presentation, party or even interviews. Its always good to know people.

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