Tuesday 27 May 2008

Femtocell Training

I am in process of preparing Femtocell training as couple of companies have already inquired. I am thinking of the following topics:

  What is a Femtocell
  Why do we need Femtocell
  One-phone, Blue-Phone and BT Fusion
  Different types of femto's including Femto++ and super-femtocell (PicoCell)
State of Market

  Key Players
  Whats going on
Femtocell Network Architecture

  UMA based architecture
  Iub over IP
  Iu over IP
  SIP/IMS based architecture
Security, etc.
Advanced Technical issues

   Auto Discovery
   Auto Provisioning
   Cognitive Radio Approach
   Open and Close femtocell
   RF Interference
Femtozone Services
Environment and Health effects

Can anyone suggest anything else?


Bodyweapon said...

Maybe adding some materials on who are the current major market players in femtocells?

Nadeem Akhtar said...

I suppose mobility is covered somewhere among the long list of topics.


Zahid Ghadialy said...

Thanks Nadeem, its covered in "Advanced Technical issues".

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Thats covered in "State of Market"

Nadeem Akhtar said...

What about backhauling requirements and related issues?

Zahid Ghadialy said...

>>What about backhauling requirements and related issues?

I was thinking of covering them briefly in "Femtocell Network Architecture"

I am not sure for one day training if I would get time to go so much in depth.

Nadeem Akhtar said...

Given that there might be a potentially large number of femtocells, scalability of the backhaul assumes great importance. In addition, reliability and security of the backhaul links also need to be considered. I guess mentioning these aspects briefly should be sufficient given the time constraints.

Anonymous said...

Maybe could you give some words on the legal issues (big topics in fact)