Wednesday 26 November 2008

Femtocells as the starting point

I blogged earlier about 'LTE Femtocell Layer as starting point'. During my visit to the LTE world summit, I didnt find (m)any takers for the idea initially. Then in his presentation, Prof. Simon Saunders, Chairman of Femto Forum, seemed to encourage the idea. As FemtoForum is technology neutral, he started with the case for WiMAX Femtocells. He quoted a VP from Comcast saying that Femtocells are "absolutely key to WiMAX" and he envisioned future services and packages that would encourage customers to use their WiMAX femtocells and stay on Comcast’s network.

Then he threw the following slide to the operators saying that introducing LTE network via Femtocell could be a way to roll out the LTE network.

In Release 8, HSPA based Femtocells will be standardised and Release 9 (De. 2009) will deliver LTE standards-based femtocells. Some operators are in hurry to roll out their LTE networks next year, since LTE home eNodeB's wont be standardised in time for them, maybe we will see LTE Femtocells as intial offering by some operators by mid-2010.


Anonymous said...

LTE femtocells are already standardized in Rel-8, exactly as HSPA femtocell are. No need to wait for Rel-9. Rel-9 will only optimize some issues.

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Hi Steve,

I head this comment reapeated many times saying in the conference that the normal HSPA Femtocells (Iuh interface?) will be standardised in Rel-8 and LTE femtocells in Rel-9. I havent done any investigations myself so I cant say for sure.