Thursday 1 October 2009

Interesting stats from Tomi Ahonen's talk on 'the next 4 Billion Mobile Subscribers'

Tomi has posted an interesting blog titled "What do I mean, by 'next four billion'?". Its an interesting read. As usual there are lots of interesting facts that i am posting here for my own reference :)
  • 4 Billion: Global count of mobile subscribers at the start of 2009
  • 480 million newspapers printed daily
  • 800 million automobiles registered on the planet
  • 1.1 billion personal computers including all desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks
  • 1.2 billion fixed landine phones
  • 1.4 billion internet users
  • 1.5 billion TV sets
  • 1.7 billion unique holders of a credit card of any type
  • 2.1 billion unique holders of a banking account of any kind
  • Total FM Radio worldwide: 3.9 Billion units
  • Total human population: 6.7 Billion
  • Out of 4 billion total mobile subscribers at the end of last year, 3.1 billion were unique phone owners, and the remaining 900 million were second and third subscriptions
  • Europe today is at 115% penetration rate
  • USA is past 90% penetratation rate per capita
  • Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Portugal and Singapore are past 130% penetration levels - and still growing
  • The planet is at 64% penetration rate now
  • The UN estimates that the amount of illiterate people on the planet is 800 million
  • SMS has 3.1 billion active users
  • MMS has 1.4 billion active users with over 3 billion phones that can receive MMS messages

Thank you Tomi for these interesting facts

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