Tuesday 15 December 2009

Teliasonera reaches a milestone with first commercial LTE Networks

TeliaSonera has rolled out commercial LTE Networks in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway. The Swedish network is supplied by Ericsson and the Norway one by Huawei. At the moment only Samsung Dongles are available for browsing the web.

Read the press release here.

By the way, its a bit shameful that the operator wants to market itself and its using the term 4G for LTE as it probably sounds more sexy :) I blogged couple of years back and it still applies that LTE is 3.9G and IMT-Advanced/LTE-Advanced is 4G.

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Anonymous said...

Marketing departments can be annoying sometimes, all they do is put spins on things to make it sound wonderful...

I think for us the consumer what really matters in the end of the day is that they can deliver such technology.

Many other companies out there keep repackaging old news, putting more spins and they cannot deliver, I can think of quite a few examples, like my local cable broadband provider, like British Telecom, and a few others...

LTE technology IMO is gone take such people out of business completely in the next few years, as they have overcome most of the issue preventing users from using such services, such as physical distances from old telephone exchanges, speed and latency, above all without the need to dig up roads to deliver broadband services.

The only thing I'm concerned/awary about LTE is that the likes of certain mobile providers continue to have crazy limits on downloads, to hide costs, for example in the UK there are certain providers charging £200+ for each additional 1000mb above the specified download limit offered... what a rip off. I use a provider that offers unlimited download (hidden policy has a fair usage but I don't pay extra if I go over).