Saturday 28 May 2011

Videos from Ericsson Business Innovation Forum 2011

Most of the videos from the Ericsson Innovation Forum 2011 are available on Youtube. Click on the links to watch the video:

Håkan Eriksson, SVP, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ericsson in Silicon Valley
Douglas Gilstrap, SVP, Chief Strategist, Ericsson
Vision of the Networked Society and our strategy to get there

Paul Saffo, Managing Director, Foresight at Discern Analytics and Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford University

Magnus Mandersson, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Services, Ericsson

Erik Kruse, Networked Society Lab, Ericsson

Lior Netzer, Vice President, Mobile Network Strategy, Akamai
The cloud can make anyone an entrepreneur

Dhiraj Kumar, Mobile Strategist, Facebook

Wayne Ward, Vice President of Emerging Solutions, Sprint Nextel
Does a cow need to be connected? Connecting things and machine-to-machine

Håkan Eriksson, SVP, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Ericsson in Silicon Valley

Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA
Operator 3.0

Chris Russo, Deputy Fire Chief, Hull, Massachusetts and Executive Vice President and founder of Elerts

Philip Marthinsen, Producer and partner at House of Radon

Jan Uddenfeldt, Chief Technology Officer, Sony Ericsson

Martin Körling, Head of Services & Software Research, Ericsson

Arun Bhikshesvaran, Vice President, Strategy & Market Development, Ericsson North America

Brian Higgins, Executive Director, LTE Ecosystem Development, Verizon Wireless

Michael Björn, Head of Research, Ericsson ConsumerLab

Mario Morales, Program Vice President, Enabling Technologies Group, IDC
Smart technology in Silicon Valley

Brian Wilcove, General Partner, Sofinnova Ventures

Complete agenda of the event here.

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