Thursday 17 November 2011

Shared Data plans anyone?

Shared plans are common in business tariffs but for some reason operators are reluctant to offer them on personal plans. With multiple devices becoming a common place, I would rather prefer to have a single plan that can be used across multiple devices rather than paying for a plan for each device.

From operator point of view, I think they would get a higher loyalty rate if they allow this as it means that if you want to change an operator, you would have to change SIM from multiple devices and some of these devices may be locked to an operator or may not work on other operators, etc.

An Infonetics Research report is embedded below:

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Abhinav said...

I agree. Customers in general are willing to pay for the primary internet subscription. This is generally the internet subscription for the desktop/laptop. Post that the willingness to pay for additional devices like Smartphones and Tablets seems to go down. The monthly internet spend of customers does not keep expand with buying each device.
However they would be absolutely willing to spend 20 % -30% incremental for a data plan which covers allowance for all devices. It is also a great loyalty driver..