Monday 5 December 2011

UE Antenna Sizes on different frequencies

The biggest problem with Antennas for mobiles and now the tablets have been how to arrange antennas for MIMO since the wavelength needs to be λ/4. The picture gives an idea how the antenna size changes with different frequencies. Higher frequencies are better for having multiple antennas as their length and the distance between then decreases.

From a presentation by Shirook M. Ali, RIM in the 4th LTE North America Conference, 8 - 9 November
2011, Dallas, Texas, USA.


Sarabjot said...

Not to mention that with higher frequencies, the propagation loss degradation becomes prominent.

Anonymous said...

Do they really present these obvious and basic stuff in LTE North Amerca?! Makes you wonder about the quality of research in industry!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder RIM is going down! Look at the quality of their research! Basic antenna material.