Wednesday 23 January 2013

LTE-B, LTE-C, ... , LTE-X

Please make sure to read the comment from Kevin Flynn of 3GPP at the end

When I saw this picture above, I started wondering what LTE-B, etc. and started digging a bit deep. Came across this Ericsson presentation (embedded below) that shows the breakdown.

To just be sure that this is not Ericsson specific term, I also found a presentation by NTT Docomo (embedded below)
So I guess using LTE-B, LTE-C, etc. is better than saying 4.1G, 4.2G, etc. as we did in case of 3G/HSPA.

The presentations from Ericsson and NTT Docomo embedded below, available to download from Slideshare.

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Kevin Flynn said...

Hi Zahid,
We have been studying the future needs for aligning 3GPP Releases to LTE and LTE-Advanced, and whether indeed there should be a planned LTE brand evolution.

The matter was discussed at length during the Project Coordination Group (PCG) meeting #30, a couple of weeks ago. The top level 3GPP group decided to issue a statement, which said;

“...3GPP recognises that in the marketplace a number of differing terms related to LTE are appearing. 3GPP reaffirms that the naming for the technology family and its evolution continues to be covered by the term LTE-Advanced, which remains the correct description for specifications currently being defined – from Release 10 onwards, including 3GPP Release 12…” (

We feel that this statement may help the industry to focus on Release 12 as LTE-Advanced and not to fragment the LTE naming culture, which has solid roots in 3GPP Releases and the broader ITU systems evolution.

The PCG will study this issue again, at their next meeting on the 30th October 2013.

Best wishes, Kevin Flynn