Monday 24 June 2013

3 Band Carrier Aggregation in Release-12

So it looks like in the latest 3GPP RAN meeting finally more than 2 carriers have been proposed for Carrier Aggregation. The TDoclist has a few items on 3 carriers for CA. In some cases its been specified that there is 1 uplink component carrier (1UL CC) but in other cases its not specified and I have not looked into details. Its good to finally see more than 2 carriers being discussed.

Rohde&Schwarz have explained in one of their whitepapers about the numbering of CA bands.

Now there is a possibility that we may have 2 contiguous bands and 1 band from an Inter-band so the naming would be accordingly. There are also going to be new carrier types (NCT), Band 29 for example. See details here.

Finally, If you want to learn more about Carrier Aggregation (CA) or other LTE-Advanced features, my article from last year, here, would be useful.


Sing Q said...

what is tdoc list for??
is it a list that is going to be release for new tec?

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Its a list of the documents, CRs, etc. that were discussed and what is theeir status, approved, rejected, etc. in that particular RAN meeting. It also gives the number of the documents so in case you want to have a detailed look, you can read and understand.