Sunday 27 October 2013


From a recent NTT Docomo presentation (embedded below). Whereas right now 3GPP has only been working on FDD or TDD scenarios, this proposal is a combination of FDD as P-Cell and TDD as S-Cell. Inter-Technology carrier aggregation is another possible option. Anyway, the complete presentation is below.

LTE-Advanced Enhancements and Future Radio Access Toward 2020 and Beyond from Zahid Ghadialy

Updated on 29/10/2013

3GPP has already started working on this work item. See RP-131399 for details.


Venkat said...

This is very interesting. However it will be very complex for a UE to support CA on TDD and FDD with either one acting as a P-cell. I am not sure whether any one will be going for this approach given the fact that CA on FDD alone has been such a struggle.

Jianjun Li (via LTE Advanced group on Linkedin) said...

It's a work item for rel.12 in 3GPP ran1. But there is no limitation FDD is Pcell or TDD is Pcell

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Hi Jianjun, thanks. I just found out myself and added the reference to the blog post.

Leyla Taghavifar (via LTE Advanced group on Linkedin) said...

Hi, just to add a point , utilizing FDD can cover larger area and in the other side TDD can assign more downlink capacity, although for operators it is more useful to work with TDD but mostly they are working with FDD.
According to different requirements operators may use combination of both technologies as mentioned in previous comments :)

Yutao Sui (via LTE / LTE-A 3GPP Rel-10-11-12 group on Linkedin) said...

it seems to be very interesting idea. At least I believe, this is a further improvement of the current FDD for macro with TDD hotspot deployment. This is a WF for the phantom cell concept that they have been discussing for quite a while.

The problem probably will be the signalling issues for cross component scheduling, but they don't have to use it at the beginning. As far as I can remember, each of the carrier component can formulate its own cell, and have different transmit power.