Thursday 27 March 2014

A quick case study on Smartwatches

My presentation from the Cambridge Wireless Connected devices SIG event "On Trend – High Fashion meets High Technology" held today, is embedded below. One of my favourite ads that highlights our fascination with the smart watches has been shown very well in a advert by Samsung mobile USA as follows:

I believe there is an opportunity and a market for the smart wear and smartwatches. There is a need for just the right kind of products to capitalise on the demand.


Muljati Muli (via LTE World Series Linkedin group) said...

Interesting. And the last comments: wearable gear are eye catching just for first 15 minutes. Then what happen next? Will that be a big demand, sale-able products?

Zahid Ghadialy said...

I think that is the question we are not sure about. The consumers are willing to try new products and services but it all depends on how good these products/services are designed. If they are designed well, they can retain their status. Having said that, there are new innovations happening, if you believe the patent filings Apple, Google, etc. that would mean that its not just the watches but the other wearables like headphones, shoes, clothes that will become smart too.

Saifuddin Mohammed (via Linkedin) said...

You might find very small number of users now, although its going to increase four fold soon, most of the population becomes tech-savy if the product is delivered at right price even though it doesn't provides complete solution. I think people now a days want something exciting every now and then. They tend to accept the idea of new and innovation pretty instant.