Thursday 10 July 2014

Taking 5G from vision to reality

This presentation by Moray Rumney of Agilent (Keysight) in Cambridge Wireless, Future of Wireless International conference takes a different angle at what the targets for different technologies have been and based on that what should be the targets for 5G. In fact he has an opinion on M2M and Public safety as well and tries to combine it with 5G. Unfortunately I wasnt at this presentation but from having heard Moray speak in past, I am sure it was a thought provoking presentation.

All presentations from the Future of Wireless International Conference (FWIC) are available here.

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Cloud 4G said...

Nice overlay of conflicting needs/wishes.

What is missing from much of the network design discussions is the design for user deployment. The problem is that managed networks must be designed for professional/commercial use. The unfolding of the long term evolution vision is for new flexibility to be driven into the core modulation schemes. I say schemes, plural, because the future is adaptive, not static modulation technology. Layer by layer, the software defined RAN grows in complexity. The user deployed approach, on the other hand, is chaotic. It is NOT controlled precisely. That must be intolerable to all propeller heads who design networks from the traditional perspective. It requires that a layer of network design be exposed to making devices open for users, independent third parties, and others outside of the direct control of operators be involved in building the closest to user segments. The motivation for that is low cost while achieving density where it is needed by chaotic user activity rather than artificially inseminated, but still sterile network design methodologies.