Thursday 17 November 2016

5G, Debates, Predictions and Stories

This post contains summary of three interesting events that took place recently.

CW (Cambridge Wireless) organised a couple of debates on 5G as can be seen from the topics above. Below is the summary video and twitter discussion summary/story.

The second story is from 'The Great Telco Debate 2016' organised by TM forum

I am not embedding the story but for anyone interested, they can read the twitter summary here:

Finally, it was 'Predictions: 2017 and Beyond', organised by CCS Insight. The whole twitter discussion is embedded below.


Anonymous said...

What a joke. Completely out of touch.

I have sat thru the most recent IEEE "5G summit" , and nothing in this "debate"
tallies with what people from carriers (AT&T) and manufacturers (Intel, Ericsson)
are saying what the key use cases are for them, or where the tech focus will be in
order for 3GPP 5G NR to happen (5G needs full-duplex mode - please !!! ) .

Zahid Ghadialy said...

@Anonymous - not sure who you are saying out of touch.

1 - The participants of the debate

2 - The participants of the IEEE 5G Summit

1 or 2?

I should also point out that the type of participants for both these events is probably very different. IEEE conferences attract technical experts who sometimes live in their own ideal world.

Agree with full duplex but I think it will not be ready before 5.5G :-)

Anonymous said...

> 1 or 2.


The IEEE 5G Summit series is attended by people from the companies that are
implementing the stuff. Where their priorities are (use cases, tech) and why,
is very clear.

Or attendees from market research firms who have worked on real R+D.
One such USA guy who was from a BS R+D background showed his maths for
massive MIMO - and got the biggest tech laugh of the year from me when
his summary of the power consumption needed was :

a macro-cell antenna tower on fire.