Several years back when I started working in the mobile/technology industry it was difficult to get hold of the required information/material. This was mainly due to two reasons; first being that since the technology was new there wasn't much information available and the second being that I found that people were reluctant in sharing information as Information was considered a source of power. I also realised that Information was just starting to explode with many new developments by different organisations, standard bodies, institutes, industry bodies, etc.  To keep track of the information and to be able to share it with colleagues I was working with, I started the 3G4G website. I soon realised that I cannot keep track of everything using the website as it was not easy to maintain. To help me with more dynamic stuff, I started the 3G4G blog.

The intention of this blog and the 3G4G website is to act as a reference for me, my colleagues and the people I work with in different projects and to keep track of different topics related to mobile and wireless technology. My belief is that knowledge does not decrease by sharing but only increases once others who use information respond back with more in form of links, comments, feedbacks, etc. As a result this blog and the website is available for viewing by anyone that wants.

What I did not expect is for both the blog and the website to become as popular as it has and as a result, I get a lots of emails, asking questions, asking for advice, press releases, request for information, etc. I am not able to deal with a lot of these emails due to time constraints. The best place for making technical queries and information request is to use Linkedin or Quora.

All the material that I use is generally available on the web or its provided to me by the author/companies. I try my best to give credit, provide back links, etc. to the original sources. If you think that some material used by me violates copyrights or you would want me to remove something then please email me, preferably via Linkedin or by sending an email to zahidtg at yahoo dot com.


sam said...

Mr. Ghadialy:

Thank you so much for your wonderful 3G/4G site. It is the single best resource I know to learn about the technology and recent developments in broadband.

I don't know how you find all these gems, but thank you for all your great work!

- Sam Churchill
Editor, Dailywireless.org

Anonymous said...


You have a really interesting blog.

Just one request -- the front page loads _very_ slowly due to all the embedded Flash, slideshare etc. elements. Chrome actually freezes completely when it's loading and/or rendering the elements, until it offers to kill the stuck Flash plugin.

This is happening on a fairly recent computer, so perhaps it's a result of the way Flash loads its assets and the tardy 3G connection I'm on. Anyway, dividing the blog to shorter pages might be a good idea.

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Anonymous (5 April 2013 01:27): I use 4 different computers, with XP, Vista and Win 7. They have firefox and Chrome and it seems to work fine on all of them. I will try and reduce the number of posts on the front page so that may help.


Anonymous said...

Hello, very interesting blog!

One request: if it is possible, I would like to see a post about authorized shared access (ASA), a.k.a. licensed shared access (LSA). In my opinion, it is a very interesting and "hot", in view of the evolution towards 5G systems and MMB, topic.


Zahid Ghadialy said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for mentioning ASA. I have been thinking of doing one for a while on the sistes blog - http://smallcells.3g4g.co.uk/ - especially in context of LTE-U