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Saturday 12 May 2012

A Twitter discussion on 'Data Tsunami' myth


@disruptivedean - Dean Bubley
@StevenJCrowley - Steve Crowley
@WhatTheBit - Stefan Constantine
@labboudles - Leila Abboud
@twehmeier - Thomas Wehmeier
@jamncl4 - Jonathan Morgan
@wifidave - Dave Wright

@disruptivedean: Data tsunami myth washing further out to sea: Telefonica mobile data grew 35% YoY to Q1, vs. data rev growth of 28%.

@disruptivedean: Increasingly convinced that some cellular data growth numbers & forecasts are over-inflated - mainly to sway regulators on spectrum policy

@StevenJCrowley: Wonder how much of Telefonica lower data growth is from Spain's unusually bad economy versus normal "S curve"

@twehmeier: Did you see that shockingly unbalanced story on data traffic in FT? Pure spin. Telefonica is v representative of Euro ops. The other factor is vendors perpetuating the myth to sell their products and services

@WhatTheBit: you should do some research into operator spectrum holdings versus actual utilization, I'm sure the results would B shocking

@twehmeier: The other factor is vendors perpetuating the myth to sell their products and services

@disruptivedean: Don't think Spanish economy that much an issue. Growth been flattening in UK & Germany for a while -

@disruptivedean: The contrast in attitude between TF corporate vs. TF Digital is striking sometimes.

@labboudles: that's interesting, is it typical of others ops numbers, ie data makes them money so stop whining abt capex/google?

@disruptivedean: It's certainly true for VF in Europe - they have faster data rev growth than traffic growth. Caps/tiers fixed the problem

@disruptivedean: Basic pricing tiers/caps + user-controlled WiFi have "fixed" the problem. Has undermined need for more complex solutions & tech

@twehmeier: Indeed. amazes me how little emphasis placed on imprtnce of pricing. Next prob will be working out how to bring traffic back

@disruptivedean: Yes, especially with LTE - in some places/networks we're heading for overcapacity. Not quite as bad as fibre in 2001, but scary

@twehmeier: And that will likely lead to more naive pricing models that only serve to accelerate self-commoditisation of value of data!

@twehmeier: Telenor firsy reported faster data revenue growth versus traffic back in 2010. And that's in some of the world's most advanced smartphone and MBB markets...

@labboudles: thought so since that was case in France, but admit had not looked at all ops trends

@disruptivedean: Also beware that some operators (eg AT&T) have started adding in WiFi hotspot traffic to bump up the numbers

@twehmeier: Shameless lobbying....

@labboudles: where is there overcapacity?! Places where LTE has been built and already used?

@twehmeier: imagine a market where Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and all operators deploy LTE on top of pre-existing HSPA/HSPA+. And remember average utilisation of European 3G networks is typically only in the 35-40% range and pretty steady

@labboudles: that's a ways off in real world though

@labboudles: ok that I just don't understand, then why is my user experience of mobile Internet so crap n London, Paris ?

@disruptivedean: Depends how you calculate it. Bear in mind many MNOs don't "light up" all spectrum initially, but add extra capacity

@disruptivedean: Plenty of other bottlenecks - most notable is poor coverage, could be backhaul, stuff in core network, even DNS etc

@disruptivedean: Congestion often caused by too much signalling (setting up/tearing down IP conxns), not sheer data "tonnage"

@jamncl4: Actually I think we are also seeing the impact of the shift from laptops to tablets and smartphones

@jamncl4: People can't afford multiple data plans so they shift from laptop to Smartphones which inherently use less data

@wifidave: How did you arrive at 35%/28%? I found 15.4% YoY in "mobile data revenue", and couldn't find traffic figures.

@jamncl4: Same with tablets which also pull usage away from laptop except most tablets are wifi only

@jamncl4: WiFi is in enough places that I can't justify two data plans so I stick to wifi tablet and data pla smartphone

@disruptivedean: It's on page 6 of the results presentation, showing rapid convergence of traffic & revenue growth

@jamncl4: The smartphone will take a few years to catch up to laptops in terms of data requirements thus "slowdown" growth

@disruptivedean: Bear in mind rising % of people don't have "plans" but use PAYG for data. But yes, dongle traffic falling, phone rising

@jamncl4: But Smartphone require higher signaling than laptops due to apps & power saving techniques;massive signal growth

@disruptivedean: Tablet/laptop substitution (or not) largely irrelevant as both are generally WiFi-only & will most likely stay that way

@jamncl4: Multi device plans could be interesting moving forward and there impact on this

@jamncl4: I disagree. Majority of traffic has come from laptops in past so more wifi & tablets reduces the traffic

@wifidave: @disruptivedean OK, I see. The 27% is a subset of the 15.4%.

@jamncl4: I think the real issue is that people don't want to pay for 2 plans & the 1 plan in general is Smartphone for now. Multidevice PAYG plans will be interesting on their impact.

@wifidave: Ponder this > Assuming TF #s are cell data, they represent a mobile data Traffic/Rev YoY growth ratio of 1.29:1 . The same ratio for #ChinaMobile in Q4'11 was 1.28:1 . For #ChinaMobile, cell data grew at 56.1% traffic and 43.5% revenues.

@wifidave: ATT says that "wireless data traffic" doubled in 2011 from 2010. ( but elsewhere report that their Wi-Fi traffic increased 550% in Q4'11. ( all while wireless data revenues only grew 19.4% YoY in Q4'11 (

@wifidave: The real growth (337% and 550% for CM and ATT) is in Wi-Fi as Dean said. Not adding much to rev yet.

@disruptivedean: Absolutely agree more WiFi = less "big device mobile data traffic". Unconvinced it matters if big device = laptop/tablet


Sunday 22 April 2012

Summary of tweets from #ITMoptimisation

Here is the summary of tweets from the Optimisation conference - #ITMoptimisation for those who missed them:


@patricksteemers: LTE optimization conference started. Kim Larsen kicks it off #TME

@patricksteemers: a typical user spends 80% of mobile data traffic on just 3 cells #TME

@zahidtg: After introducing CELL_PCH the PS Signalling reduced by 50% in TMo Netherlands

@zahidtg: Nice talk by @kimklarsen

@zahidtg: The network state equation by @kimklarsen

@zahidtg: Martin Prosek has already set the stage for my presentation and breakfast briefing tomorrow.

@zahidtg: Signalling load per OS in TEF CZ

@KimKLarsen: pdp context parking helped Telefonica O2 Czech in reducing signaling and improve pdp connection success rate!

@KimKLarsen: Nich Waegner #Qualcomm often overlooked! advanced receivers greatly improve the network capacity and performance.

@zahidtg: Smart WiFi offload

@zahidtg: Migrating from 2G to LTE directly sounds interesting

@KimKLarsen: Dirk Schoeneboom is setting the scene for GSM to LTE migration!

@zahidtg: Me -> Its always tricky going from 2G to LTE considering that few devices are available and have quite a few bugs

@KimKLarsen: LTE TDD 2.3/2.6 top runner for main LTE band (i.e., China & India) in terms of LTE users!

@kitkilgour: @KimKLarsen @zahidtg do you have more information on PDP context parking? what it is, how it works?

@zahidtg: @kitkilgour Will have to check with Martin Prosek as I dont know much about it as well (Cc @KimKLarsen)

@KimKLarsen: Dirk Schoeneboom recommends first launching 3G, prior to refarming 2G band to LTE as likely dormant 3G terminal in base.

@zahidtg: Telefonica UK has already refarmed 900MHz from GSM and moved to 3G in the city centres mainly. In future they see 4G on 900MHz as well

@KimKLarsen: Dirk S>Really important to know the terminal mix in the base! Launching 3G today could have substantial 3G base from start!

@zahidtg: In 2010: 75% of 2G data traffic was from 3G devices, mainly to save battery life - Robert Joyce, Telefonica UK

@KimKLarsen: Rob Joyce, deploying UMTS @ 900MHz is between 3 to 2 times cheaper to deploy per unit provided capacity.

@KimKLarsen: TF UK uses their EGSM band for their UMTS 900 (as this was not highly utilized ... Still took 18 month to refarming)

@KimKLarsen: TF UK launch 3G 900 Jan 11 and expect to extend to full network by 201X ;-) X>2012 but maybe also <2015 (as GSM phases out)

@zahidtg: Robert Joyce, Telefonica UK presentation is full of interesting stats, need to blog about it later :)

@KimKLarsen: TF UK experienced ca. 22% data offload to UMTS900 from 2100!

@KimKLarsen: U900 base 3G layer and U2100 the capacity layer ; Keeping traffic there and avoid HO to 900 challenging.

@KimKLarsen: TF UK calls their UMTS900 their Heineken network (they are also where nobody else are) ...;-)

@zahidtg: O2 UK is refarming the 900MHz spectrum and they will be using 5MHz for UMTS but there will still be some GSM channels

@patricksteemers = Great case on refarming GSM spectrum to cater for smartphone use. #TME

@zahidtg: In Panel discussion @patricksteemers reminds us of those good(?) old days when the main discussions were about Killer App(s) :-)

@zahidtg: TF: 75% of data traffic is from laptops but 75% of signalling traffic is from smartphones

@zahidtg: Robert Joyce, Telefonica UK says that on their Unlimited LTE trial n/w, biggest consumer consumes 55GB/week, Avg=2GB/month

@zahidtg: @KimKLarsen asks the audience if anyone will pay extra for facebook access, no one raises they hands :-))

@zahidtg: Martin Prosek, Telefonica, Czech Republic, points out that in the last year the amount of upload has doubled on average

@zahidtg: Thanks @patricksteemers for being an excellent chair. Enjoyed the panel discussion.

@KimKLarsen: @zahidtg amazing!!! I would pay extra! and I know my teenage daughter would! ... Hmmm ;-)

@KimKLarsen: the majority of mobile operators price plans are a sure road towards what they so much fear ... Becoming dumb bit pipes


@zahidtg: Ready for my breakfast briefing :-)

@KimKLarsen: had a really good breakfast discussion on #offload and on-load strategies and how to optimize between the two options.

@KimKLarsen: Yves Bellego, FT, France Telecom / Orange target to have 1/3 of all their cell sites shared within the next few years!

@zahidtg: Good to hear that Bell Canada has 6/7 carriers for UMTS in most places.

@zahidtg: Ljupco Jorguseski, TNO gave an interesting presentation on Optimisation but we will have to wait for technical details

@zahidtg: Its interesting that in #ITMoptimisation there are only 1 (today 2) women out of approx. 80 people. Should have a blog discussion on why...

@zahidtg: Capacity planning in mobile data networks experiencing exponential…

@zahidtg: @patricksteemers just mentioned that open WiFI hotspots can spoof operator networks that can be a major security risk

@zahidtg: LTE Optimisation 

@zahidtg: Adnan Salkic is talking about evolution of WLAN interworking with 3GPP - Simplification of offloading

@zahidtg: Adnan Salkic has an interesting slide on different WLAN solutions being used by different operators. On blog once available

@zahidtg: Tiago Rodrigues of WBA speaking on Carrier WiFI

@zahidtg: 5C's of WiFi - Capacity Crunch. Coverage extension, Customer experience, Cost-effective access, Complimentary

@zahidtg: Need to check the WBA Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) program - Includes 802.1x, 802.11u, EAP-SIM & EAP-TLS/TTLS authentication

@zahidtg: WBA NGH trial phases

@zahidtg: Tiago Rodrigues, WBA says that for 10% of their members, 50% of traffic is being offloaded to WiFi

@disruptivedean: @zahidtg Thanks for your #ITMoptimisation tweets. Maybe ask a question about how other non-offload WiFi models (eg Onload) are supported?

@zahidtg: @disruptivedean Sure, in the Panel discussion in an hour.

@disruptivedean: @zahidtg My view is that offload is only use-case #3 or #4 for smartphone WiFi. Many uses are nothing to do with the MNO.

@zahidtg: David Antunes, Optimus, has loads and loads of useful results but too much info. Has to be analysed offline

@zahidtg: Good to hear CSFB working as it should be. 1.5-2.5s is setup time.

@zahidtg: Additional call setup time to CSFB expected to be shortened by DMCR (Missed what DMCR is...)

@zahidtg: Conclusion of LTE deployment challenges over legacy networks

@KimKLarsen: @zahidtg, good news! there is still a huge market potential for growing the mobile Internet access!

@KimKLarsen: @zahidtg bad news: users want true unlimited data access plans ... Kim> maybe this does not need to be bad!

@KimKLarsen: @zahidtg describes very well the Customer versus Operator dilemmas and competing interest!

@KimKLarsen: great illustration of the future smartphone traffic types: private wifi, 3G data, elastic wifi, on-load!...

@zahidtg: O2 puts wifi on the menu at McDonald’s - - Mentioned in my talk

@zahidtg: Telstra closed their Carrier-Wifi network when they launched 4G WiFi hotspot - - Mentioned in my talk

@KimKLarsen: my take away from Randall Schwartz, Wireless 20/20, is wifi offload networks are not a magic bullet but depends on market!!

@zahidtg: ABI Research estimates that carrier Wi-Fi can deliver data at 5% the cost of adding cellular capacity - Mentioned in my talk

@KimKLarsen: really enjoying Randall Schwartz techno-economics insights into wifi offloading strategies...This stuff really excites me!

@zahidtg: Yes Randall Schwartz, Wireless 2020 presentation is good but loads of info and it would need offline analysis

@zahidtg: Only half an hour for panel discussion at #ITMoptimisation . @KimKLarsen on the panel so I am only one to tweet

@zahidtg: The Panel topic is: Optimisation strategies for the successful deployment of next generation LTE - #ITMoptimisation - other ques not allowed

@zahidtg: @KimKLarsen "Whatever you deploy should be agreeable with the next gen technology. Should support both HSPA+ and LTE"

@zahidtg: David Antunes, Optimus "Backhaul is probably the most important issue in Optimisation"

@zahidtg: Stephane Teral, "General advice is that nice to have such event to discuss various optimisation issues"

@zahidtg: Stephane Teral, Infonetics Research very impressed with the event, thinks this is the right size and balance

@zahidtg: @KimKLarsen "Wifi gives some benefits but not that extreme benefits, wifi is not small cell, lesson learned in data mining is that mobile users are not mobile at all"

@zahidtg: Optimus did interesting experiement; users were asked to do various tasks on phone and were happy with 800Kbps connection

@zahidtg: Question asked if there is a case for Carrier Wifi except for offload.

@zahidtg: Stephane Teral says that when the user offload, it should onload to carrier wifi so they can be tracked

@zahidtg: David Antunes, Optimus says that if they offer true unlimited data offloading is useful to improve network capacity

@zahidtg: @KimKLarsen says that Carrier Wifi can help solve international data roaming issues (before being forced by EU)

@disruptivedean: Only if the user chooses the carrier's WiFi, surely? MNO shouldn't be tracking use of private, open, ...

@zahidtg: @disruptivedean #ITMoptimisation Sorry time constraints, cant ask another question :-(

@zahidtg: Ok, last presentation at #ITMoptimisation by Mark Nash, iPass - Commercializing Wi-Fi

@zahidtg: what role will WiFi play in 4G

@zahidtg: Mark Nash, iPass: By 2015 there will be around 5.8million public Wifi hotspots available

@zahidtg: 3G data roaming prices - rip off?

@disruptivedean: @zahidtg Monthly subscription model inappropriate for roaming, except for handful of regular travellers

@zahidtg: @disruptivedean I wont mind paying that amount even for 2 days as I know, will not have to worry about bundle allowance

@zahidtg: Mark Nash, iPass points out that so many operators are losing business because of stupid roaming rates.

@zahidtg: iPass closing remarks

@zahidtg: Thanks to fellow tweeter @KimKLarsen. Looking forward already to #LTEWS next month. 


@zahidtg: The concept of 'PDP Context Parking' #ITMoptimisation

@zahidtg: Operators strategy for supporting the ‘Mobile Data Explosion’ -

Note that tweets have been edited for clarity


@patricksteemers = Patrick Steemers
@zahidtg = Zahid Ghadialy
@KimKLarsen = Dr. Kim Larsen
@kitkilgour = Kit Kilgour
@disruptivedean = Dean Bubley

Sunday 12 February 2012

Discussion on 'Offload' and 'Onload'

An interesting discussion on Twitter about Offload and Onload that is reproduced below. Discussions have been edited for clarity:

@StevenJCrowley: Exhibit 1: In last year's VNI, Cisco estimated that in 2014, 23% of US mobile data would be offloaded. It's close to 50% today.

@dmavrakis: it depends how you define offload. Some of this 50% may be simple WiFi access rather than offload.

@StevenJCrowley: From what I see I'd suggest Wi-Fi (or femto) access is offload if the device is 2,3,4G capable but does not access a macrocell

@dmavrakis: So if I buy a SIM-only handset and not even put a SIM in and use WiFi, it's considered offload?

@StevenJCrowley: Seems to me that's not considered offload because without a SIM it's not a 2,3,4G capable device.

@StevenJCrowley: BTW my old AT&T iPhone 3G won't work as a Wi-Fi-only device without an old inactive SIM still in it. Don't know about iPhone 4.

@disruptivedean: I agree with @dmavrakis . Most smartphone WiFi use if "private WiFi", not offload. Some may even be onload (or "OTT WiFi")

@disruptivedean: Easy way to think of it: anything you'd do on an iPod Touch isn't offload WiFi if you do the same thing on iPhone

@disruptivedean: Other example: if I use WiFi to connect my phone to my printer (or corp WLAN) = traffic never destined for 2G/3G

@simonchapman: app downloads (500MB+ for some games), AirPlay etc are much greater than 2/3/4G use. Where is 50% figure from? 

@SteveLightley: the actual presence of decent connectivity encourages higher capacity activity. Is that offload?

@disruptivedean: I refer to extra use as "elastic". See chart on p18 of my Carrier WiFi paper

@StevenJCrowley: Decent connectivity / more use is offload, as 3G4G w/o Wi-Fi is onload. U.S./FCC/Cisco perspective

@StevenJCrowley: I define "onload" as a 2nd operator capturing traffic via WiFi, eg Vodafone handset + O2 WiFi app

@dmavrakis: Also core network onload via WLAN gateways without local breakout.

@disruptivedean: A thought about "offload". I only "onloaded" to 3G data on my PC in the first place because WiFi wasn't everywhere I needed it. Now it is.

@StevenJCrowley: 50% rough estimate. AT&T said 40% of iPhone traffic on Wi-Fi in early 2010. Its Wi-Fi network data tripled since

@StevenJCrowley: Does not include femto offload. See also "#2" from this blog post

@StevenJCrowley: AT&T recently said macrocell data growth down to 40% a year.

@StevenJCrowley: I like Dean's chart. Offloading important in U.S. from 4G spectrum requirements issue.

@StevenJCrowley: And here spectrum debate is more political than technical, thus broad brushes.

@StevenJCrowley: It's basically, "We need spectrum to stream NetFlix." "No, you're inside and can use Wi-Fi."

@StevenJCrowley: Dean's and Ofcom's analyses are the types of things current FCC should be doing but doesn't

@disruptivedean: The whole spectrum reqts issue likely to take a hit as data growth << expected on many networks. S-curve not exponential

@disruptivedean: To be fair, Cisco is between a rock & a hard place with VNI. Scared people into making sure it didn't come true. Self-denying

@Gabeuk: To everyone discussing offload on my Twitter today, the premise seems wrong... connectivity & access is the start point. Will elaborate l8er

@SteveLightley: I struggle to understand how if it would never have happened how it can be classed as offloaded

@SteveLightley: a VoIP call on an ott or mno app IS offload but Netflix in Starbucks over wifi is not

@SteveLightley: looking forward to gabe's view on access etc when he gets here! 

@TMFAssociates: AT&T seems to have changed its tune over the last year as well

@StevenJCrowley: AT&T will spin it. "If only we had more spectrum we could have sent more data." Etc.

@dmavrakis: Arguably spectrum is the MNO's most valuable possession. Isn't it natural that they want more?

@StevenJCrowley: More spectrum than needed is an idle asset that costs the company money.

@TMFAssociates: But if you corner the market then you can foreclose the possibility of competition

@dmavrakis: I agree conditionally. Twitter is again not the best medium for this discussion

Couple of interesting posts related to the above:

What is your opinion?

Friday 1 July 2011

Summary of 'The Future of Wireless International Conference' #fwic

Here is a summary of the Future of Wireless International conference held in Cambridge on the 27th and 28th of June 2011. The summary is a compilation of my notes with the tweets sent using the #FWIC tag.


Roberto di Pietro, VP Product Marketing and Business Development, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies
• 26 million 3G connections being added every month
• 226% growth is seen in smartphones from 2010 - 2014
• Mobile as a single platform for developers.
• Devices smart enough to know which network to connect to
• Qualcomm arrived on the scene 6 months after everyone but they are the only ones with 4G, 3G and 2G multi-mode chips
• In 2012 they would be releasing the new System Architecture with Single / Dual / Quad cores upto 2.5GHz (Snapdragon next gen)
• Question: Will smartphones die in the future when people move to tablets for everything except for voice/sms and they get simpler phones for that
• Answer: Smartphones will co-exist as companion devices with the tablets and will continue growing for a while.
• In other discussions: QoS will be a big differentiator and offloading would certainly be needed. Femtocells are going to form part of any strategy.
• Network signaling load and need for developers to improve apps design noted in qualcomm keynote here in cambridge

Mr. BongGoon Kwak, Senior Vice President, The head of Mobile Business Fast Incubation Business Department Mobile Business Group in Korea Telecom.
• KT adding 0.5 million users every month.
• Mobile data predicted to grow 26 fold by 2015 (6.2 exabytes/month)
• E = MC^2. Where E = evolution, M = mobile and C = connectivity
• mobile banking users in Korea increased 100% to 18 million due to smartphones
• smartphone ARPU up 32% on feature phone
• KakaoTalk ( users have increased which has in turn reduced the SMS ARPU
• NaaS (Network as a Service) is a new trend

Mr. Edward Zhou, CMO of Western European Region, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
• states they have 5300 people in Europe but only 65% are from local market
• No. 2 telecom solution provider with revenues of $28 billion
• has 110,000+ employees with 150 nationalities worldwide, more than half work in R&D
• By 2020 there will be 5.5B MBB (Mobile Broadband) users as opposed to 1.5B FBB (Fixed Broadband)
• 70% of companies (especially SMEs) will be using cloud based services.

Mr. R. Swaminathan, Senior Executive Vice President, Reliance Communications Ltd.
• Low cost mobile networks and devices helped drive innovation in low cost business models in Rural India
• Customisation is a mecessity for the rural market.
• One offering includes a fixed phone that uses Mobile as a backhual using the Yagi antenna
• 15 operators in rural India. Voice tariff went from 20cents to 1 cent. Entry cost reduced by 95%
• ARPU in rural India is $2.
• Telecom operators have done innovations to keep costs to minimum
• Phone to tablet is best evolution for Indian rural market, using visual images and txt to speech technologies not smartphones
• Good to have some text to voice and vice-versa apps
• Ends with saying that there are 870 million people in rural India and possible market size is $25 billion that can be exploited

Kanwar Chadha, Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member of Cambridge Silicon Radio
• Innovations in location-aware wire-free connected world
• Spoke on view of local business vs global, very entertaining perspective , assume nothing and be careful of interpretation
• Example is the initial GPS cost $3700 but was still successful in Japan because guys wanted to show it off to their dates.
• Maslow's hierarchy of needs dont work for India as its more important to have entertainment (TV) than roof.
• FM very succesful in India but nowhere else.
• Sat Navs will not succeed in India because addresses and maps not very well mapped. Things like coupons, sms will be very successful

Innovation Hothouse: Mr. Christian Leicher, Member of the Executive Board at Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG.

Session on start-ups very interesting
• Augmentra talked of GPS based smartphone apps. Users can share and get paid when someone else download what they share. Their guidebooks, etc are trusted by half the search and rescue mountain teams
• Oxems have a solution for the new plastic pipes that are being deployed. The normal metal detectors cant detect these pipes so they have a RFID based solution.
• Pneumacare has a non-contact medicare solution that can be used to track people with respiratory problems
• has a unique app discovery solution that can reach upto 6 millions users in 90 different countries.
• Cambridge temperature concepts has a solution that can increase the chances of fertility without IVF to the same levels after 6 months use.

Interesting points from the breakout sessions:
• Mike Bowerman of Alcatel-Lucent: Soon we will see pricing based on time of day, location, etc. Infrastructure sharing lower costs but it means that coverage from some location can completely vanish.
• John frieslaar of Huawei talks about how many will be connected to networks and the cause of demand
• Stephen temple says industry must spur innovation not gov.agree but will gov let us?
• 75% of UK mobile data consumption is driven by BBC iplayer, YouTube and adult videos says Sam Leinhardt of Penthera
• Ed Candy, 3: Apps evolving from Handset Apps to Widgets to Intelligent Browsers based
• Content is king but context is queen
• O2 in UK started putting data caps and lost 7K customers in London. They were using 7% of network capacity so O2 happy to get rid of them

Stephen Baily, General Manager, BBC R&D
• BBC R&D iPlayer usage on tablets is 3million/mth 2% of total
• Dual screens being explored by BBC with a universal controller API. The proposal has been submitted to W3C.
• Working on Dual-Screen concept where iPad becomes a complimentary device to TV (See
• BBC R&D iPlayer usage on tablets is 3million/mth 2% of total
• BBC is looking again at mobile broadcasting based on DVB-t2m standard
• 90% of broadcast os normal schedule than the time shifted one.

Dr. Tapani Ryhänen, Laboratory Director, heading Eurolab (Cambridge and Lausanne) of Nokia Research Centre
• Imagining tomorrow devices, creating technology today
• Morph concept video

• Nokia Research Center in Cambridge working in lots of futuristic technologies like Data driven Apps, Stretchable electronics, Bend to zoom, flexible phone and display
• Another video that I wasnt able to locate on Youtube

Few points from The "Can big wireless deliver on the promise of a big society?" Panel Debate
• Motorola's David Chater-Lea: "Due to spectrum needs we're going to see breakdown of barriers between commercial & private networks"
• Neul/Ofcom's William Webb: "To get a truely wireless society we need more small cells and increased backhaul. Then we need FTTH"
• Otherwise we're going to have situation where wireless will be held back by the wired network
• Public safety: should governments use private networks or commercial networks & give priority to emergency services over customers?

Graham Fisher, Former CEO of Orange Labs R&D, BathCube:
• Net neutrality doesn't work in a world of finite resources
• High end phones expectaions include screens that can work in sunlight, AR, 3D, etc.
• When it comes to retail price plans mobile operators are all in a bargain basement, they need to reintroduce value

Dan Reed, Corporate Vice President, Technology Policy and Strategy and eXtreme Computing Group at Microsoft
• The uber change happening is collision of computing/comms/content. We need to work out how to work together

Ken Blakeslee, Chairman of WebMobility Ventures:
• Digital natives vs digital immigrants
• Is mobile too inward looking?
• We're moving from hardware to software driven marketplace where communities are the new currency
• Users can be bought and bribed, communities can not

Interesting Obervation:
• Cambridge Wireless - run largely by women as an organisation but 95% of attendees at Future of Wireless conf #fwic are male

Poll of #fwic audience returns 50:50 re: whether mobile infrastructure should be common wholesale solution vs competitive between operators

Hopefully you have enjoyed this summary!

Thursday 19 May 2011

Twitter Conversations from the 7th LTE World Summit

The following are the twitter conversations from LTE World Summit 2011. If you use twitter, it would be easy for you to understand them otherwise may be a bit of problem.

Tweets By:
Ajit Jaokar (@AjitJaokar)
Dan Warren (@TMGB)
Dean Bubley (@disruptivedean)
Dimitris Mavrakis (@dmavrakis)
Gabriel Brown (@Gabeuk)
Hamad Al-Marzouk (@dukeq8)
Kris Szaniawski (@kszaniawski)
Mico Naddeo (@kingcharles1666)
Olga Holin (@oholin)
Thomas Wehmeier (@twehmeier)
Zahid Ghadialy (@zahidtg)

17th MAY

@dmavrakis: 3GPP: 200 operators have committed to LTE, fastest adoption cycle in mobile

@dmavrakis: Bart Weijemanrs, MD of T-Mobile NL on stage
@dmavrakis: T-Mobile, TeliaSonera and Orange teaming up to drive device evolution for LTE at 1800MHz in Europe.
@disruptivedean: T-Mo NL speaker at #LTEWS sees network sharing as important. But also flexible to serve diff customers Sharing & flexibility compatible?
@disruptivedean: According to TMo NL speaker WhatsApp apparently got to 70% adoption on NL smartphones in 3 months! No wonder SMS revs fell at KPN.
@disruptivedean: Killing the MB traffic myth. TMo NL at #LTEWS says biggest problem is mass signalling load from simultaneous smartphone users
@dmavrakis: T-Mobile NL: Mobile needs developer guidelines to promote and to understand interdependency between internet and telco worlds
@dmavrakis: T-Mobile NL: spectrum, smartphones, voice, backhaul and seamless user experience between diff networks still need work for LTE
@twehmeier: I wonder if progress on LTE1800 in Europe will be slowed by legal challenges in the same way UMTS900 was hampered in past five years
@disruptivedean: So, who has been fired at operators, vendors or standards bodies for completely missing impact of app signalling when LTE was designed?
@dmavrakis: Common denominator in discussions and presentations so far in #LTEWS: Spectrum is the biggest challenge.
@twehmeier: Funny how the operators talk up the signalling challenge, whilst the vendors seem to think there are *quick* fixes. Quick=pricey?
@twehmeier: If planning to be “most operator-friendly platform” wouldn't you be spending BIIIIG on educating apps devs on being signalling aware?
@TMGB: @twehmeier I've been banging on about signaling aware apps and cross-app update correlation for months. Who do you think should spend big?
@disruptivedean: @TMGB @twehmeier Nobody bothers telling / helping developers to create signalling-lite apps. Or orients user pricing around signalling load.
@TMGB: @disruptivedean handset vendors hold the relationship to the app community and could implement the smarts for 'connect once, update many'
@disruptivedean: @TMGB yes & no. Apple was supposed to be trying but no sign yet. Best approach I've seen is SEVEN's signalling proxy & client in IP stack
@disruptivedean: Seems like consensus LTE1800 is critical for success. 2600 not viable for wide usage, DigDiv not enough capacity. regulator headache
@Gabeuk: If I heard right, T-Mo Netherlands CEO implied 70 percent of domestic smartphone users are using WhatsApp. Wow, that's viral.

@oholin: Nice to see that the focus is on enabling services above single connection technologies

@oholin: Huawei talking about LTE enabled services
@dmavrakis: Huawei believes Pocket WiFi will be a killer application for LTE
@dmavrakis: Huawei also looking at applications focusing on LTE uplink, including video broadcasting for professionals.
@kingcharles1666: Pocket Wifi. Like mifi but faster.
@oholin: Need to check Huawei's numbers on commercially launched networks. They say 20. Don't think that's right
@twehmeier: @oholin Depends on how strict you interpret “commercial launch". A few are technically pre-commercial trials for sure.
@oholin: @twehmeier I guess they should have better used our data though for their purposes 20 seems a better number

@dmavrakis: Seizo Onoe of NTT DoCoMo now on stage to talk about their LTE service called Xi (Crossy)
@dmavrakis: NTT DoCoMo: LTE service launched in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka (Dec 2010) with a phased coverage increase during 2011/2012.
@dmavrakis: NTT DoCoMo decided to share its 2.1GHz spectrum between UMTS and LTE and will deploy LTE at 1.5GHz during 2012.
@oholin: Docomo says spectrum needs to be used more efficiently and shared between technologies. I am a fan of efficiency
@disruptivedean: DoCoMo pitching LTE2100 shared with HSPA2100. Recommends all phones support LTE2100. Use my band & give me scale economies please!
@dmavrakis: Do most operators have enough spectrum at 2.1GHz to implement NTT DoCoMo's suggestion? I.e deploy LTE on existing 3G spectrum
@twehmeier: @dmavrakis Most in Europe have 2x10MHz. Very tough to refarm anytime soon to LTE. 2.1GHz is where all smartphone traffic goes...
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier Very true. Risk of cannibalizing UMTS capacity would scare most operators in Europe.
@dmavrakis: Deploying LTE at 2.1GHz makes sense in Japan, where indoor systems (DAS, tuned for 2.1GHz) are heavily deployed in urban areas
@kingcharles1666: Top tip from NTT: stop evolution of old technology. They will shut off 2G soon!
@TMGB: @kingcharles1666 NTT DOCOMO 2G is PDC, only deployed in Japan. Choice between turning off GSM vs. WCDMA is not so straight forward #LTEWS
@twehmeier: @kingcharles1666 If only operators in Europe had invested to ensure 3G coverage was >or= 2G like DoCoMo.

@TMGB: Tracking all the 'signaling kills the network' type tweets from #LTEWS - someone should make the point that LTE connections are always-on.
@disruptivedean: @TMGB multiple layers of signalling. Eg extra reporting on network quality and QoE from device midcall on volte...
@dmavrakis: @TMGB What about early deployments where devices will roam between LTE and 3G? Apparently HTC Thunderbolt is v aggressive #LTEWS
@TMGB: @dmavrakis if you're on LTE, you have to be connected else there is no signaling path (it's over IP).
@TMGB: @disruptivedean and agree on multiple layers, but is/was the connect/disconnect signaling that caused original problems.

@disruptivedean: No obvious mention anywhere on #LTEWS exhibition floor of SMS over SGs. Does it actually exist?

@dmavrakis: We are back! @informatm's @twehmeier on stage now presenting global survey results of the LTE ecosystem.
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier: 2011 will see LTE deployments to quadruple, but we will have most deployments during 2012
@kszaniawski: @twehmeier on stage presenting global survey results of the LTE ecosystem. 65% respondents set to launch in next 18 months
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier: Core bands emerging for LTE. 800, 1800, 2600MHz each have 15-20% of operator interest
@kszaniawski: @twehmeier on survey results - capacity cited as big driver in LTE survey >interesting as not what we're seeing with early launches
@oholin: @twehmeier talking about the results of first LTE survey
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier: TD-LTE represents a potential new entry into mobile market for greenfield operators and vendors #LTEWS
@kszaniawski: @twehmeier on survey results - 62% think primary solution for voice over LTE will be IMS-based VoIP (VoLTE) not surprisingly
@kszaniawski: @twehmeier on survey results - 58% think LTE will be complementary to fixed broadband. Only 17% think LTE will heavily substitute
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier: Most mobile operators believe LTE and WiFi will coexist and most of them will also need to have a carrier WiFi strategy
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier: 60% of mobile operator respondents believe that small cells will be necessary for LTE. #LTEWS
@disruptivedean: 62% of surveyed MNOs reckon IMS VoLTE will be primary voice tech for LTE. 23% reckon OTT-style, 13% CSFB. Wonder if 2012 will be same
@disruptivedean: LTE smartphones (on 3GPP networks) will need to have Grade-A SMS usability. 2 yrs ago we were told SMS was fixed for LTE. But where is it?
@oholin: @twehmeier: the factor which will have the greatest impact on the growth of LTE maturity: ( customer education) based on survey

@dmavrakis: Verizon's Chris Kimm on stage now to discuss about the role of 4G LTE in Verizon's 2020 network vision.
@dmavrakis: Verizon launched in 38 markets and 60 major airports covering 110 million subscribers during December 2010.
@kszaniawski: Chris Kimm of Verizon - how can I buy everything as a service & not have to commit. This the business opportunity for 4G
@dmavrakis: Verizon expects to enable VoLTE during 2012. Question via @disruptivedean
@disruptivedean: VZ speaker #LTEWS parachuted in from non-US corporate division, not VZW. Little new info. Claims VoLTE still OK for 2012, but also OTT VoIP
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera's Tommy Ljunggren on stage now to discuss about their experience with LTE.
@oholin: TeliaSonera: trust this technology
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera reiterates same message as last year on LTE: Mobile operators should stop trialing and start deploying.
@dmavrakis: Valid concern of a multinational operator: TeliaSonera prays that regulators will grant same frequencies to its opcos (800,1800,2600)
@kszaniawski: Tommy Ljunggren of TeliaSonera says need to get momentum going behind initiative for 1800 spectrum band as is most promising for #LTE
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera aims to harmonize spectrum across its footprint: 900, 1800 (2G); 900, 2100 (3G); 800, 1800 and 2600 (4G) - all MHz
@kszaniawski: Tommy Ljunggren of TeliaSonera says won't offer VoIP for free, you will have to pay for it if you’re not an exclusive subscription
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera is charging according to volume for MBB: LTE tariff is €60 with 30GB of monthly allowance. HSPA is around €35
@disruptivedean: TeliaSonera intending to charge extra for VoIP on LTE. Good luck with that. Start by defining 'voice' maybe? VPNs, workarounds etc.
@Gabeuk: @disruptivedean he wasn't specific thou. re: carrier VOIP vs OTT VOIP and what would be blocked/charged. No detail at all
@disruptivedean: @Gabeuk I know. His vendors & lawyers must be having fun defining 'voice' vs. 'telephony' vs. 'streamed audio' vs. 'sound' & metadata #LTEWS
@Gabeuk: TeliaSonera exhorting other operators to lauch LTE, but no actual new info or data to make the case.

@dmavrakis: Cameron Rejali of BT Wholesale on stage now to discuss whether the future of mobile is fixed.

@dmavrakis: Welcome everyone to #LTEchat. Live from #LTEWS, during a live panel including mobile operators and @twehmeier.
@dmavrakis: Global roaming argument brought up: 30 spectrum bands standardized by 3GPP so far from a global standard.
@dmavrakis: Consensus is that some harmonization should happen around spectrum. Natural forces rather than industry initiative likely
@dmavrakis: NTT DoCoMo expects that roaming will be an incremental process starting with some key bands
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera highlights CSFB and VoLTE problem. Operators have some breathing room since most LTE devices are now data only
@dmavrakis: Question to panel: Is the profit potential of LTE credible?
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera: mobile industry should sort out the roaming business model before switching on LTE.
@dmavrakis: NTT DoCoMo: Not sure whether LTE can allow a new premium revenue stream compared with existing HSPA/HSPA+ networks
@kszaniawski: NTT DoCoMo statement about RoI interesting. How do you assess/measure the business case for LTE network investment?
@dmavrakis: NTT DoCoMo on tsunami warning system (ATW): it's now a necessity and standardization needs to happen quickly
@dmavrakis: TeliaSonera highlights the lack of vision from regulators, so operators bet on all bands since they don't have visibility#
@dmavrakis: Spectrum issues dominate operator panel discussion. Regulators cited as primary culprit.
@kszaniawski: DT more philosophical than TeliaSonera saying that you will see the main bands determining developments altho a lot later
@kszaniawski: Doesn't seem to be much sense of urgency over using VoLTE either. Leisureliness seems to be a bit of a theme at conference

@disruptivedean: Opinion from AM of #LTEWS is negative. Spectrum fragmentation, slow rollout & uptake. And when VoLTE is ready, old telephony mostly obsolete

@twehmeier: Loved Question on iPlayer. Good reminder that this industry can be incredibly insular when you've got head down doing your day job

@twehmeier: Skype's biggest objective is to monetize more users. Strikes me that operators should be able to help them with that. Partnerships time.

@oholin: Not pointing fingers but I call to minimise the use of "ubiquitous" especially since it's used without understanding what it means

@disruptivedean: Stupidest idea of the day at #LTEWS 'email & social network only' data plan. Cue Facebook putting VPN, video & web proxy in next app update
@disruptivedean: Good to hear Ericsson at #LTEWS explicitly describing VoLTE as a *telephony* standard and not a general *voice* app one
@disruptivedean: Spoken to one silicon company at #LTEWS who agrees with me: may see dual-radio LTE + 2G voice phones as alternative to VoLTE or CS fallback
@zahidtg: @disruptivedean I was talking about exactly the same thing with Adrian Scrase in lunch :) #LTEWS. Good option as radios are becoming cheap
@disruptivedean: Unconvincing groupthink about role & control of WiFi by mobile operators at #LTEWS. Needs much better & granular approach to user needs
@disruptivedean: Seems to be a belief at #LTEWS that all smartphone WiFi usage is 'offload'. Industry needs to understand there's many other WiFi use cases

@kszaniawski: Dimitris Mavrakis now speaking at #LTE World Summit about how to reduce the cost of LTE network deployment
@oholin: @dmavrakis presenting now on cost per gigabyte: cost depends on network
@twehmeier: There is no single cost per gigabyte. Varies for every single operator and especially correlated to utilisation, says @dmavrakis
@twehmeier: Come on @dmavrakis, say it, our traffic-led business case found LTE wasn't necessary inUK until 2014. Non-traffic biz case is driver
@oholin: @dmavrakis very practical presentation so far with lots of case studies done by the network cost modelling tool
@kszaniawski: UK LTE vs HSPA case study - @dmavrakis arguing HSPA/HSPA+ will be perfectly capable of handling capacity in the UK in 2015 timeframe
@kszaniawski: Maintaining/installing new sites & backhaul are key determinants of cost in developing markets says @dmavrakis: see Egypt case study
@oholin: Judging by the number of listener's @dmavrakis' cost per gigabyte presentation is right on the money
@oholin: @dmavrakis LTE is just a piece of the puzzle

@kszaniawski: Wi-Fi offload business case is complex - 2015 US market case study shows even passive upgrades need management
@twehmeier: Lots of focus on selling LTE into enterprises at #LTEWS. Greater willingness to pay the premium versus consumers.
@twehmeier: Love the fact that Sprint have done a whole presentation on what they've done with “4G” WiMax so far without mentioning WiMax once!
@twehmeier: Sprint talked abt need to educate developers w/o saying who shd do it. Device OEMs talk it up in their plans, but are they doing it?
@kszaniawski: 4G? “When I use a word” Humpty Dumpty said, “it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less”
@dmavrakis: Sprint saying that network and spectrum needs to be decoupled and networks need to move to software based platforms. #LTEWS
@dmavrakis: Sprint's vision is nice, but cognitive radio is nowhere near market and even today's software upgradable radios have limitations.
@twehmeier: So much spectrum chat. LTE WS 2010 just called-it wants its PPT decks back. Or, spectrum issues got much worse in last 12 months.

@twehmeier: 10 pres down+not a single traffic/revenue scissor slide! What refreshing change! Well done Sabah for laying down law

@oholin: Sad that some vendors still think that LTE is the whole picture and not just a piece in the puzzle

@twehmeier: Who coined hetnet term then? It is everywhere. Spoke to guy at Qualcomm who claimed it from early days of UMB. Any other claims?
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier I think someone from Huawei is claiming it also.

@oholin: Can't believe the term killer app also still in use

@twehmeier: Bengt of Northstream talking sense as always and handing out a lesson in spectrum and licensing history. Audience listening intently
@dmavrakis: Bengt Nordstrom at #LTEWS: Mobile devices take normally 2-3 years to mature to a market ready version. Same with LTE devices.

@zahidtg: Tim Hubbard, BT Wholesale: In January 10 million devices downloaded catchup TV in UK
@gabeuk: Good presentations from Jaime Lluch, Telefonica (small cells) and Tim Hubbard, BT (IP VPNs for mobile operators)
@zahidtg: I heard it many times today in #LTEWS where operators are talking about Coverage Layer (low freq) and capacity layer (high freq)
@zahidtg: #SON will help in Interference management in HetNet's. #LTEWS - I think SON can only help in limited ways for interference management.

@disruptivedean: Can you really call an HSPA subscriber network-limited to 512kbit/s max speed "mobile broadband" subscriber? Don't believe all the stats!
@zahidtg: Trying to get my head around. Panelists said that in Hetnet's, interference problems are less than no Hetnet's. Right?

18th May

@kingcharles1666: Day 2 of the #ltews (@ LTE World Summit)

@disruptivedean: Future of Voice roundtable at #LTEWS went well - thanks to all attendees for good discussion. I'm also doing a Spotlight pres at 11am
@disruptivedean: Interesting debate about dual-radio GSM+LTE phones as LTE voice easy option. Not popular with some network vendors. ZTE is advocate though
@disruptivedean: Lot of debate on Circuit Switched Fallback for LTE Voice. How long are call setup times in real world? User experience for dropped 4G data?

@kingcharles1666: According to vodafone speed is a killer app
@twehmeier: Vodafone Germany has 20,000 customers on its LTE network
@disruptivedean: Vodafone Germany has 20k customers for fixed-wireless LTE800 services. ADSL replacement & also offering own NGN fixed-style VoIP.
@oholin: The "number 1" operator has not got the number 1 presentation!
@oholin: Vodafone and Telefonica say: we want multi-mode devices as soon as possible
@Gabeuk: Few good stats on LTE performance in *loaded* cells from Vodafone Germany CTO at #LTEWS

@disruptivedean: Yota speaker at #LTEWS . Prime example of #happypipe operator. More than 1m users, now transitioning to shared wholesaler for 4 Russian MNOs
@disruptivedean: Yota believes future of telecom is for shared infra owners abstracted from retail operators & app/svcs = Under the Floor players UTF+MNO+OTT
@kszaniawski: Yegor Ivanov of Yota, Russia: justifying wholesale model he says it's no secret that many big operators not yet ready to deploy #LTE
@oholin: Yota - the competitive advantage is how you serve your customer! Let's Yota!

@disruptivedean: No recognition at #LTEWS that phone calls will need varying tiers. Call to important client should have higher QoS vs casual call to friend
@tmgb: PRT @disruptivedean: Call to client should have higher QoS vs call to friend (implies you care about the money more than about your mates?)
@AjitJaokar: @disruptivedean #LTEWS too many people in telco ind cannot ans why people make calls!
@AjitJaokar: @disruptivedean #LTEWS voice going from quality of service to quality of experience
@AjitJaokar: @disruptivedean #LTEWS humans don't interact in 'sessions'
@tmgb: @AjitJaokar agree QoS v QoE - QoS = call gets established and I can hear what is being said, everything else is QoE (@disruptivedean)

@dmavrakis: Getting ready for keynotes at #LTEWS, starting with Barclays capital discussing whether there are too many operators in market
@dmavrakis: LightSquared EVP of ecosystem development is on stage now to present about their disruptive business model
@dmavrakis: LightSquared operates 3 satellites today and will be operating 4 next year when they launch, covering 100% of North America
@dmavrakis: LightSquared will focus on network and service layer while partners on the rest: customer/device mgmt, marketing, distribution
@dukeq8: What an excellent speach ! Wholesale market for LTE is a sheft in the industry!
@twehmeier: LightSquared says will never have over 500 employees. Most telcos count employees in 1000s, many in 10s of 1000s, some 100s of 1000s
@dmavrakis: LightSquared shared surprisingly little information, nothing new.

@twehmeier: MetroPCS has 200,000 LTE connections. Quick back of envelope estimate - I'd say first million subs on LTE globally has been passed
@dmavrakis: @twehmeier Do you think biggest driver of LTE connections today is leap-froging from CDMA to LTE? Including Leap and Verizon
@twehmeier: @dmavrakis Yes, because they were happy to go dual antenna 4 voice and therefore haven't dithered launching handsets. Handsets drive scale

@twehmeier: Did i hear that right? Samsung to launch VoLTE handset in 4Q11 with Cellular South in the US?
@dmavrakis: He confirmed this in Q&A RT @twehmeier: Did i hear that right? Samsung to launch VoLTE handset in 4Q11 with Cellular South in the US?
@dmavrakis: Samsung speaker touting device expertise to drive networks business, including inhouse IOT.
@tmgb: @dmavrakis @twehmeier Samsung/Cell South - oh happiness :-)

@dmavrakis: Patent pool Sisvel's founder will present now on LTE IPR. Lets see if things will be less complicated that 3G
@dmavrakis: Theoretically, LTE IPR will be much more complicated when there will be 3 competing patent pools and bilateral agreements
@dmavrakis: Sisvel's founder mentioned that some meeting is taking place during the #LTEWS to create a new patent pool for LTE.
@dmavrakis: Sisvel: 4000 IPR declarations for LTE/SAE. Interdigital, Qualcomm, Nokia and Samsung leaders (ETSI database March 2011)
@dmavrakis: Interesting statistics for GSM by Sisvel: 561 families declared as essential but only 158 granted as essential
@twehmeier: Interesting analysis patents role in pushing up costs of DVD players. Retail cost in China =$20. Sums of patent licences if all paid=$19.
@kingcharles1666: LOL RT @dukeq8: I'm confused now that I choosed the wrong industry! I should be a lawyer.

@dmavrakis: CTO of CSL Christian Daigneault on stage now to discuss their LTE/DC-HSPA network
@AjitJaokar: #ltews mobile penetration in HK is 160 perc. @tomiahonen is in the right place :)
@twehmeier: Wonder how many infrastructure contracts sweetened by clauses that ops must do conf circuit singing & dancing about vendor's network?
@dmavrakis: CSL claims Hong Kong is highest market for tablets with 17% market penetration. Sweetspot for LTE?
@twehmeier: CSL HK are basically deploying in way many ops wd in ideal situation. 3G@ 2100+900, LTE @ 2.6+1800. Missing piece is LTE sub-1GHz.
@dmavrakis: CSL has a USB modem that supports everything from GSM 900 to DC-HSPA to LTE at 2.6GHz

@kingcharles1666: Very conservative view from FT orange on VoLTE and migration.

@oholin: 5 ITM analysts discussing LTE drivers and trends at the analyst spotlight
@oholin: @dmavrakis: "technology evolves with operator business models"

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