Saturday 25 August 2007

Is UMB the same as LTE

Recently i have come across press releases trying to sell UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) as 4G technology. This is the same as trying to sell LTE and mobile -WiMAX as a 4G technology.

IMT has taken a clever approach and instead of calling the successor of 3G as 4G, they are calling it IMT-Advanced.

The main requirements for 4G are as follows:

  • Peak data rate of 100Mbps for high mobility applications such as mobile access
  • Approx. 1Gbps for low mobility applications such as nomadic/local wireless access

Doing some digging on the UMB topic, i realised that it is the same as LTE but an evolution from CDMA2000. This is being standardised by 3GPP2.

Some of the key features (and comparing it with LTE) includes:

  • It used OFDMA based air interface (same as LTE)
  • It supports FDD (LTE supports FDD and TDD and a combination of them so i am not sure if UMB only supports FDD)
  • Scalable b/w of 1.25MHz to 20MHz (same as LTE)
  • MIMO and Beamforming (Same as LTE but UMB also supports 4x4 antennas whereas LTE supports 2x2)
  • Data speeds upto 275Mbps in DL and 75Mbps in UL (LTE has 144Mbps in DL and 57Mbps in UL but that is because of 2x2 MIMO)

Since the term 4G is already being abused so much, one option is to let people use 4G as they wish and then when IMT-Advanced is available, start calling it 5G. What do you think?


Ashwin said...

Good one :)

eJLp12 said...

Don't call it 5G, because then it will be out of scope of your blog or you need to change your blog to "3g, 4g and 5g wireless blog" :-)

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Yes i am thinking of updating the name. Infact when i was looking for website name i just couldnt find any. So many domains have been blocked by people who dont plan to do anything with them but hoping that someday someone will buy their domain in millions hence i came up with this. I suppose i should get 3g4g5g before someone else blocks it.