Monday 27 August 2007

WiMAX on display

Vodafone has deployed WiMAX technology in Malta. The island (population 400,000) is one of Vodafone's smallest markets.

The supplier of the network, Airspan, announced in June that Vodafone Malta had deployed its HiperMAX 80216d 'fixed' WiMAX base stations and CPE to offer bundled mobile, fixed voice, and data services to residential and business customers. Since that announcement was made, Vodafone has joined the lead industry organisation promoting and steering WiMAX development, the WiMAX Forum.

According to Pyramid research, "Vodafone, owing to its scale, is an agent of change in the operator community and we expect others to follow its trajectory. With operators present in different markets and looking for new revenue sources, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' technology, but the wrong technology can set an operator back years."

The research firm adds that "in catering to the needs of different markets and customer segments, operator networks will comprise diverse access technologies, each optimised for certain geographies, demographics, and services. For the WiMAX champions this is good news; for LTE backers it is a strong warning that should lead to increased R&D budgets for the next few years—in both camps.

In other news, Samsung Electronics will demonstrate the next generation telecommunications technologies at its annual international forum, which will shed light on what they call as global 4G technologies and gadgets.

This year’s Samsung 4G Forum will draw more than 130 influential industry leaders and service providers from 26 countries. It will mark the first time that all three candidate 4G technology _ IEEE 802.16m (Mobile WiMAX), 3GPP2 Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) and 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) _ will be seen with each other.Each of the 4G technologies has a head cheerleader, with Intel supporting WiMAX, Ericsson touting LTE and Qualcomm preferring UMB. IEEE 802.16m WiMAX, UMB and LTE are expected to be initially implemented in 2010.

I think for companies like Samsung to break into new markets, its very important to use the term 4G. Lets hope that they all succeed.

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