Saturday 4 April 2009

Sonim XP1: The toughest phone

This is billed as the toughest phone ever built:
  • Water/Humidity: Impervious to the Wettest Weather
  • Temperature Range: Works Perfectly In Extreme Conditions (-20C to +60C )
  • Shock and Vibration: Drop It, Abuse It, Drive Over It – No Problem! The XP1 is Virtually Indestructible
  • Screen: Unique No-Glare Coating Resists Scratches and Smudges
  • Durable Case: Hardened Rubber Molding Cast Via Dual Injection
  • Durable Mechanics: Keypad Buttons Tested To 500,000 Pushes Dedicated PPT Buttons Tested To 200,000 Pushes
  • Dirt and Dust: Non-Porous Casing Blocks Entry of Micro-Particles
Comes with 3 years guarantee
Selling in UK for £249.00
Official website here.

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