Tuesday 14 July 2009

3GPP Release-10 Features and Studies

New Items in Rel-10
  • Network Selection for non-3GPP Access
  • Network Improvements for Machine-type Communications
  • Registration in Densely-populated area (RED)
  • Enhanced Home NodeB / eNodeB continuation of Rel-9
  • IMS Service Continuity – Inter Device Transfer enhancements
  • EEA3 and EIA3 (new Encryption & Integrity EPS security algorithms)
  • Study on Mobile Haptic Services
  • Study on Policy solutions and enhancements
  • Study on IPv6 MigrationStudy on SR-VCC Enhancements
Items moved from Rel-9 to Rel-10
  • IMS aspects of Architecture for Home NodeB
  • GTP-based S8 chaining
  • Multi Access PDN Connectivity
  • Study on advanced requirements for IP interconnect
  • Study on Unauthenticated PS Emergency Calls
  • Study on Study on Personal Broadcast Service
  • Study on LCS support in SAE for non-3GPP accesses
  • Study on System enhancements for the use of IMS services in local breakout and optimal routing of media
  • Study on Intra Domain Connection of RAN Nodes to Multiple CN Nodes
  • Study on IMS Evolution
  • Study on enhancements to IMS border functions for IMS Interconnection of services
I will add some details as I have the information and as I get time :)

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