Tuesday 22 March 2011

3GPP Official 'MBMS support in E-UTRAN' - Mar 2011

Last month I blogged about the MBMS feature in Rel-9. The 3GPP official presentation on MBMS is now available. Embedded below:

Presentation can be downloaded from Slideshare.

This presentation was a part of Joint one hour session of 3GPP RAN and 3GPP CT on March 16th 2011, 11.00 am – 12.00 p.m. More on this coming soon.


Anonymous said...

This is useful...I remember hearing about MBMS back in 2009 but not understanding it very much. Thank you!

I have some questions about LTE, I wondered if you knew the answers:
1) Does LTE use IMEIs? I can't find any info on that.
2) I read the MME stores IMSIs permanently. So is the IMSI sent over the air during every initial attach (like now), or only the very first time??

Thanks :)

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Hi Anonymous, its always a good idea to provide some name. Your answers

1. No it doesnt. I compiled a tutorial that is technical heavy (and for UMTS) if you want, its available at http://www.3g4g.co.uk/Tutorial/ZG/Mbms/

2. MME does not store IMSI permenantly. Its stored in HLR or HSS. IMSI has to be sent over air interface when the UE is switched on for the first time or after long break otherwise TMSIs are used.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zahid,

Can you pls provide 3GPP reference for slide 6 "Frame Structure for shared carriers". I specifically need to understand the subframe ratios and semi-static configuration as defined in specs.


Zahid Ghadialy said...

Please go through 36.440 and it should give you the right references.

Raúl said...

Hi Zahid,

Maybe it is an obvious question but if MCE is the responsible of radio resources scheduling and also it transmits MTCH to UEs, how MBMS-GW knows which contents to send and to who (MBSFN areas)?


Zahid Ghadialy said...

Raúl, not sure what you mean but the MBMS-GW is responsible for telling the MCE on Control plane to setup resources and then it broadcasts the data on user plane directly to eNB on the M1 interface.