Tuesday 19 July 2011

Dual-Mode and Multi-Mode Femtocells

Came across this slide in one of the presentations from MWC.

The Dual-Mode and maybe Multi-Mode solution (in future) may be very useful, not only from the point of view that it can serve LTE as well as 3G mobile devices but in case of a LTE mobile where for voice calls the UE may have to fall back on 3G network, if there is no 3G coverage then there would be no voice communication possible.

One of the ways to do have a voice communication in the initial phases of LTE is CS Fallback (CSFB). CSFB is possible by the UE establishing the call on UMTS or GSM network. If for some reason the coverage on those networks is non-existent then having a dual-mode femtocell can be really helpful as it would seamlessly transfer the voice call on the 3G.

Hopefully in the future when VoLTE is here these problems would be solved automatically.

The main problem that I can see with this Dual-mode or Multi-mode solution is that the operator would have to be supporting both Small Cells solution across both the networks and I guess they would be slightly expensive.

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