Friday 28 August 2020

3GPP MDT - How it works and what is new in Rel. 16

Today I launched my first video. It is about the 3GPP Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) and what is new for this feature in Rel. 16 / 5G networks.

This video explains the overall concept of the MDT feature defined by 3GPP. Individual signaling procedures for immediate and logged mode MDT reporting are presented as well as the latest enhancements for 5G networks defined in 3GPP Release 16.

Enjoy watching


Sankaran CB said...

Nice video.
A couple of minor comments
- M3 is not (yet) defined for NR in 3GPP
- The example with E-RABs is not applicable in 5GS

Ralf Kreher said...

M3 is listed in 3GPP 37.320 v.16.0.0 with a remark that says: "The feasibility need to be confirmed by RAN1."

Example with E-RABs is a vendor-specific implementation in E-UTRAN.

Sankaran CB said...

Indeed yes ..

In the September outcome, it was decided to not support M3 for NR in R16 and hence, has been explicitly removed from 37.320

manoj1919 said...

Nice video Ralf. Thank you!
One question: who decides if a capable UE will send MDT reports?
-is it the user that provides permission? or
-is it the network that tells random set of capable users to send anonymous reports without knowledge of user?

Ralf Kreher said...

The unerlying idea is that the subscriber agree to the collection of MDT data as they also agree that certain apps are allowed to use the UE's position.

However, since this is a legal and not a technical process I cannot tell you how the operators handle it.

Nobert Harris said...

Wonderful you mind sharing with me your presentation? To my email

Unknown said...

Great video, thanks!