Saturday 14 June 2008

Nokia, Google, Apple to battle the Mobile Ad market

The mobile ad market is suddenly going to become very hot with the launch of "Nokia Advertising Alliance".

In a press release we have been informed of the launch of the Nokia Advertising Alliance, which will simplify mobile advertising for brand advertisers. The program brings together leading mobile marketing solutions, including couponing, location-based targeting, image recognition, and other emerging technologies, to offer advertisers a simple way to increase consumer engagement. Now brands can work with Nokia to combine the reach of mobile advertising on the Nokia Media Network with the latest mobile technologies for more effective campaigns.

"The Advertising Alliance brings together the most innovative technologies in the market, and brings trust to brands who want to use them," said Scott Heron, Director of Digital Services at Wunderman.

Members of the Alliance are integrated with the Nokia Media Network allowing brands to plan, execute and measure mobile advertising campaigns through a single Nokia interface. A range of companies have been initially certified as Members of the Alliance, including i-movo, Mobile Acuity, Mobiqa, and uLocate, with many additional members in testing. Leading brands from the automotive to entertainment industries have built campaigns using the Nokia Advertising Alliance.

We are all aware of Google's ambition to dominate the mobile ad space. Google maps of my E61 already are able to tell me my location without the need of GPS. In fact they tell me the accuracy of my location as well. Some of us are already seeing the local ads appear on Google maps. In an interview last month, Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) said that soon we will be able to find property in an area when we switch on Google maps and maybe in 5 years time Google may become the largest Estate agent.

By the way, is Nokia trying to do the same with Nokia maps?

Google definitely likes to do things its own way. What is the possibility of it joining the Nokia alliance? What are the chances of the Nokia alliance wanting Google? Also we should probably not leave Apple with its iPhone out of the equation.

Apparently iPhone has some amazing discovery mechanism (sorry not used iPhone yet personally) which helps application creators push and advertise their applications to users and this helps increase the sales. Combine this with large touch screen and high quality video capability. This can create a deadly cocktail for advertisement if used properly. Apple is another player that wants to do things its own way. Wouldnt this create a three way battle?

And yes, we should for the time being forget the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo, etc.

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