Wednesday 28 January 2009

Recipe to design Killer Applications

Back in the LTE world summit, I presented recipe for designing killer mobile applications. I have listed them out here but feel free to suggest some more things or to correct me.

Recipe to design killer applications:
  • Something new everyday
    • E.g., News
  • Available instantly whenever needed
    • E.g., Youtube or similar VOD services
  • Challenging or Entertaining
    • E.g., Games, Music, etc.
  • Something that can reduce cost
    • E.g., VoIP services like Skype
  • Keeping in touch
    • E.g., Facebook, MSN messenger, etc.
  • Something to help in everyday life
    • E.g.,GPS, Maps, LBS, etc.
  • Purchase whatever and whenever you like
    • E.g., E-bay or Amazon
You may notice that I have not listed Email and browsing above because they fit multiple categories. Can you add to the list?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

All of your services are focused on the traditional mobile areas (even if some of the services are the latest import from the Internet sphere). LTE is not just about making the mobile and mobile Internet experience better for mass consumers. Japan, Korea and iPhone seem to be able to do a good job of that with 3G, WiFi and even 2G.

WiMAX and LTE will also open up new areas of business outside of the traditional mobile paradigm (i.e. lots of users, nice terminals, DM to manage content). There are a number of potential areas in which it may do this (must in the case of WiMAX). But if I were to push one I would add M2M (Car telematics, business systems etc) to your list.

Great blog BTW.