Sunday 25 January 2009

Tomi Ahonen shares 50 pearls on Mobile Advertisement

Tomi Ahonen has recently published his book sharing 50 pearls (advice/ideas/tips) on Mobile Advertisement. Tomi has in past shared his pearls and ideas in many forums in public domain so this is a good chance for anyone into Mobile advertisement to get their hands on. The book costs 9.99 euros so its not expensive if the topic interests you.

In Tomi's own words:

...And finally, its topical - this is all about mobile advertising and marketing. Out of my thousands of real mobile services - public and private - in my Pearls collection, here is the "Best of Pearls" around mobile advertising topics. Blyk, BMW Winter Tyres, Admob, Otetsudai Networks, Northwest Airlines, Flirtomatic First Face, Virgin Festivals, Ford's Virtual Ka, the Nighlife Guide to the City, etc. All the biggest faves and best examples. But with much more detail in the book than on the slides you may have seen. Oh, and out of the 50 Pearls in this eBook, 13 are ones that I have not shown in the public domain, so you get plenty of real competitive insights too ha-ha...

More info on the book here.

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