Thursday 19 March 2009

LTE: MIB and SIB transmission

One very interesting change that has been done is that in LTE the system information is not all transmitted on the same channel unlike UMTS/HSPA. Logically all BCH info is mapped on BCCH. On the transport channel side, the information is mapped either on BCH or DL-SCH. (DL-SCH = Downlink Shared Channel). Ofcourse they map onto different physical channels as can be seen in the diagram.

Once the UE has achieved synchronisation, it will read the MIB to camp on the cell. In LTE, MIB contains very limited information. It contains information about the cell bandwidth, some information about PHICH (Physical HARQ Indicator Channel) and the SFN.

The SIB's as I mentioned are transmitted on DL-SCH mapped on PDSCH. To receive information about SIB's the UE needs information about PHICH which is read from the MIB.

The BCH channel has a TTI of 40ms (which is quite a lot for LTE, if you think about it). Also it has very small transport block size and protected with 1/3 convolutional code and 16bit CRC.

All these help to keep the overhead in LTE system to minimum.


Dan said...

A nice explanation. Can you provide some information on how UE uses the PHICH configurations for reading the SIBs? Thanks

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Dan, the best explanation you can get is in the book LTE: Theory to Practice. If you dont have that then use Google Books to read about that. See the link here

Rusdianto Mahmud said...

Hello Zahid:
in 3gpp spec a utrancell can have 95 Neigbouring cells (Intra,Inter and Irat) but SIB 11 limited to 3552 bits only (without extension),
how do we know how many bytes resources need for each neighbour relations?

Unknown said...

LTE system System information blocks (SIBs) carried by SI. It covers MIB transmitted over BCH. LTE SIB-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and LTE SIB-11 are included.
LTE MIB SIB page on

Anonymous said...

Why is MIB read on PBCH & SIBs on DL-SCH ?

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Please see the detailed post on ShareTechNote here:

Shaan said...

why sib and mib having different channel maping....??