Tuesday 19 May 2009

LTE World Summit - Day 1 Pics

We had an interesting first day at the LTE World Summit in Berlin. There were no breaking news though. Summary coming in the next post after the Pics.

The lunch was sponsored by Starent Networks. Here is a Pic of their cake. Nice cake but I dont like chocolate cake. I would have preferred strawberry ;)

This above is Agilent's test mobile that can be used for drive testing.

Agilent has a massive and impressive presence here. I attended their workshop yesterday, will report the details later.

Ericsson are showing off the new TEMS that can be used for LTE drive testing, etc.

mimoOn are showing their Test Mobile and their complete solution for eNodeB, etc.
Very interesting to see LTE Test Mobiles from 3 companies already available.

Setcom is a new entrant (even though they have been present for long time but I never heard of them before) in Network Simulator area. They have plan to do Conformance tests for the LTE mobile. They claim to be ready already with basic test functionality. Till date the Conformance test market have been dominated by Anritsu, Agilent (Anite), Aeroflex and R&S. I have already heard of AT4 Wireless being active in this area for LTE. It would be interesting to see one more player.

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