Wednesday 20 May 2009

LTE World Summit - Day 2 Pics

Here are few Pics that I took today.

The R&S CMW 500 is seen to be doing MIMO testing with LG UE. The throughput was reaching upto 60Mbps.

Thats the LG LTE UE being used by R&S.

Thats the Anritsu MD8430 LTE Network Simulator and MD8435 UE Simulator. They were showing throughputs of 100Mbps DL and around 45Mbps in UL. The RTD tool (I am going to cover that in a seperate blog in few weeks time) can be seen on top right.

Anritsu engineer working ;)

Tektronix simulators. Apparently they have a solution for everything from drive testing to Femtocell test equipment. Hopefully more later

I also went to Ericsson Demo/Roadshow for LTE, HSPA and IMS Technologies. Unfortunately they didnt allow anyone to take any photographs.

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