Monday 3 August 2009

Didnt I tell you, phones are too complicated ;)

As the former head of the British army, General Sir Mike Jackson oversaw a range of regiments armed with some of the most complex weapons and technology ever invented.

But yesterday, the general was left embarrassed live on television after he was defeated by a ringing mobile phone.His phone went off twice during an interview with the BBC's economics editor Stephanie Flanders, who was standing in for Andrew Marr.

Jackson was talking about compensation given to wounded soldiers when the mobile began to ring.

Flanders told the general: "You'll have to turn that phone off." Jackson apologised and after sheepishly fumbling with some buttons, managed to silence the call and put the phone in his pocket – only for it to ring again.

As he tried to turn it off once more, technology appeared to get the better of him.

In the end, Jackson lost his patience, turned around in his seat and flung the handset off camera across the studio in exasperation. After the sound of a heavy crash rang out, he returned to face Flanders and the interview with as straight a face as he could manage.

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