Friday 28 August 2009

Mobile Phones to replace Alarm Clocks

More than half of Brits are now using their mobile phones as alarm clocks, an alarming development for clock traditionalists.

They fear it could mean the end for dedicated alarm clocks, which have sat dutifully on our bedside tables for 150 years.

A survey of 1,500 people found that 52% had used their mobile as an alarm clock with 21% using it to get them up in the morning each day. Of course it also means you are likely to be woken up in the early hours when your do-it-all phone starts beeping because you've received an email about viagra.

A spokesperson for - who commissioned the study - said: "The mobile phone now plays a larger more important role in our lives. "Handsets now provide us a wealth of information on the go, schedule our social occasions and as we found for many simply ensure we get out of bed each morning.

"The mobile phone is no longer for communication only, our independent handset reviews show signs of this with consumers often praising or berating the handsets camera or music quality, discounting its ability to make calls or text."


Paulineh said...

I think mobile phones have replaced watches for younger people already but clocks are still being used, at least for awhile. Alarm clocks and radio clocks are probably still out there in bedrooms.

I do think though that analog clocks will be a thing of the past within 10 years as people don't learn to read them anymore at school.

Anonymous said...

Been using the mobile as an alarm clock for years!

Zahid Ghadialy said...

I have been using mobile as a watch and alarm myself for years now. One thing that surprises me is that even some of the modern phones do not have an easily accessible alarm or option to set multiple alarms which can be quite frustrating.