Tuesday 22 April 2008

LTE-Advanced = IMT-Advanced = 4G(or 5G?)

The 3GPP TSG RAN workshop on IMT-Advanced was held (in the week after the RAN WG meetings) on April 7-8, 2008 in Shenzhen, China hosted by ZTE Corporations. The main conclusions from the workshop are:
  • LTE Advanced shall be an evolution of LTE.
    o LTE terminal shall be supported in LTE-advanced networks.
    o An LTE-Advanced terminal can work in an LTE part of the network.
    o Primary focus of LTE-Advanced is low mobility users.
  • All requirements/targets in TR25.913 apply to LTE-Advanced.LTE-Advanced requirements shall fulfill IMT-Advanced requirements within the ITU-R time plan
  • For LTE-Advanced:
    o Same inter-RAT interworking capability with at least same performance as in LTE Release 8
    o Intra-RAT handover performance shall be same or better than LTE Release 8
  • As a way forward for LTE-Advanced it was agreed:
    o TSG RAN email reflector for LTE-Advanced will be established (the new reflector is called 3GPP_TSG_RAN_LTE_ADVANCED and it is available since 21.04.2008)
    § Email discussions on LTE-Advanced requirements will be started on this reflector (moderator: Takehiro Nakamura, NTT DoCoMo, LTE-Advanced SI rapporteur).
    o A new TR will be created (after the workshop it was decided to create TR 36.913 "Requirements for LTE-Advanced") to include LTE-Advanced requirements and updated by RAN WG meetings in May 2008 referring to structure of 25.913 and outcome of the workshop.(note: Allocation of the TR number 36.xyz was done after the workshop.)
    o Review of the outcome of this workshop and kick-off of discussions about LTE-Advanced requirements and technical solutions in RAN WG meetings in May 2008 in Kansas City.The goal is to complete LTE-Advanced requirements at RAN #40 in Prague end of May 2008 according to agreed work plan (i.e. TR 36.913 will be provided to RAN #40).


Anonymous said...

Hi Zahid,

Wow! LTE is not even out the door yet and 3GPP starts to work on the next thing. Looks like they are conceding that LTE is not the answer to IMT-advanced.

Read it on your blog first!


Anonymous said...

I have a question, what's the difference between LTE and IMT, LTE-advanced and IMT-advanced?

Xia Hua