Tuesday 8 April 2008

Nokia E61: Why do i need on PC?

Recently I have been using my computer quite less and that is because I realised that I can do quite a lot using my E61. Please note that if you get Inspired by this post to buy E61 (though thats not my intention; I just want people to explore the millions of Applications out in the market) better go for E61i as that has an additional 2MP camera.
So let me tell you what appications I generally use and how I can do this using my Phone:
  • Browser: I have a default browse in E61 but thats not great. So I downloaded Opera Mini Browser and that can do quite a lot. Maybe sometimes If there is Java related stuff i struggle.
  • Web Based Mail: I can use my browser for web based mail but since I am on Yahoo or Gmail, i can download their mobile apps. You will be amazed by what they have on offer.
  • Maps and Directions: I cant use Google Maps using my browser so I downloaded the Maps application. Very useful.
  • VoIP calling: I found that I cannot use Skype on E61 :( but then I found Fring which is much better and I can call Skype users as well ;)
  • I am able to read Word, PPT and XLS files by default but you can also download Quick Office.
  • PDF: You can download Acrobat Reader from Nokia Site.
  • Other Apps: Nokia E61 website has many applications which you can use to make your life very simple.
If you think I may be exaggerating then why not look at this another opinion here.

So why do I need the computer?

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