Monday 31 May 2010

Using Femtocells abroad Illegaly

Back in 2008, I blogged about Femtocells and stealing of Spectrum. Since the rollout of Vodafone Suresignal, I am seeing people discuss it more and more about using the Femtocells abroad. I should say as I have in the past that this would be illegal and I wouldn't encourage anyone to do it but as couple of people have mentioned to me in private that they have managed to do it I would like to hear if someone else has managed this feat.

Since you need to have the IP address belonging to the country your femtocell is registered to, this means that you need to use a VPN along with the Femto to make sure that your IP packets look like they are coming from the country. At the same time your mobile should only be working with your Femto in a sheilded space (basement kind of location preferably to avoid any GPS chip picking up your location).

Another way you can give your game away to the operator is to handout from the mobile to a foreign network. It will definitely send some bells ringing.

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Anonymous said...

I have used a UMA/GAN device internationally from a WiFi hotspot as well as at home, but not a Femtocell.

- Harish