Tuesday 24 September 2019

When does your 5G NSA Device Show 5G Icon?

After I wrote about the 5G Icon Display back in February, I received lots of other useful and related materials, mostly from 3GPP standards delegates. Based on this updated information, I created a presentation and video called 'The 5G Icon Story'. Only recently did I realize that I didn't add it to the blog. So here it is.

And for people who are impatient and directly want to jump to the main point, it's UpperLayerIndication in SIB 2 as can be seen above.

The slides and video is embedded below.

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Mihai S said...

Based on my observation with Xioami Mi Mix3 5G and Network Signal Guru, in Romania only E/// radio uses PLMN-InfoList-r15, Huawei not .
In this case, the UE displays 5G when the 5G radio carrier is added. Short
info here: https ://volteromania.blogspot.com/p/sib2.html

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Thank you Mihai, you have lots of valuable information on your blog. I think GSMA has added upperLayerIndication-r15 just as a mechanism for showing 5G. Different vendors (network & devices) and operators use it in a way they feel right.

Faisal said...

In Huawei, the transmission of upperLayerIndication-r15 in SIB 2 is controlled by a parameter called "Upper Layer Indication Switch".

Zahid Ghadialy said...

Thank you Faisal.